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UT3 Discord for all! All players welcome!

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    UT3 Discord for all! All players welcome!

    Been noticing more activity in all UT games lately due to people staying in more. Here is a discord for all players of all regions. I will gladly set up more servers in other regions if a server is provided. We currently have two North American servers for all gametypes and a pugbot. This discord can be used for any gametype. Have fun!
    Steam #galaxy #unrealtournament #ut4pugs
    UT Username - nvz
    gg! Galaxy Gaming Community

    || Core i5-4670k @ 4.2 gHz || ASUS GTX 1070 4GB VRAM ||ASUS VG248QE ‑ 24in 144Hz || Random 54 inch TV || Mouse - Razer Deathadder Chroma || Keyboard - Microsoft Sindwinder X4 || Case - Cyberpower Titan X || 16 gb DDR3 RAM || Logitech g930 Wireless Surround sound Headset || Steelseries QCK heavy + Mouse pad ||