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UT3: Community Edition Update (2020)

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    [OFFICIAL TUTORIAL] UT3: Community Edition Update (2020)

    Unreal Tournament 3: Community Edition Update

    Applies to UT3 Black (Steam Edition) or fully patched UT3 (2.1 + Titan Pack + Bonus Pack).
    Note: Deploying this update clears all personal settings. Best used on a clean installation.

    Download: (MEGA, 132MB, UT3 Community Edition

    * To install: Extract the archive inside "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3". Overwrite files as necessary (or back up the "Unreal Tournament 3" directory by renaming it).

    * To enable Bombing Run and Domination / Double Domination game types, extract the "BR and DOM" pack inside your game installation directory.

    * To use the MapMixer UI (for veteran players) edit UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini, and move the semicolon from line 5 to line 6:


    * Fixes and changes included:
    - Bloom, DOF, Saturation and Color settings optimized for higher resolutions (see UTGame\ColourPackage Readme.txt)
    - High detail graphics settings applied (
    - foxMod for splitscreen (up to 4 players) and gamepad support, as well as enhanced AI functionality
    - All characters unlocked (including additional hidden items from
    - Malcolm custom character (
    - TitanTeamFix, OrbFix, NoMoreDemoGuy, and UTCompIIIv4b2
    - Additional mods: Gibalicious, UTNyan (replaces Redeemer with a Nyan Cat)
    - Bombing Run, Domination / Double Domination, Battle Team Arena support
    - bCenteredWeaponFire=true, bDynamicNetSpeed=false
    - "T" to chat, "Y" for teamsay
    - Console key is now ~, Console Type key is now F10 (instead of Tab, which is now used to show the scoreboard:
    - CPUNumLogicalProcessors set to 1, Poolsize set to 512 to possibly reduce hitches
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    - Bloom, DOF, Saturation and Color settings optimized for higher resolutions
    That's the only thing that always clicked on my head about the inevitable future of things, thank the holy god this stuff can be modified! :clap:

    I don't see distortion mentioned but the lower the resolution the most extreme is the effect, meaning that the higher resolution it is way way less noticeable


      Nice work, DDRRE

      Interesting to see NoMoreDemoGuy as an integrated mutator. It is such a complex mutator with such a low visible impact.
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        Thanks for that !