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Missing the Good Old Days...

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    Missing the Good Old Days...

    I've been getting that old UT3 itch. I miss coding & making stuff. Been thinking about hosting a UT3 server from my old PC. I rented one from gameservers a while back but their service sucks.
    General Poor Behavior II

    Some hate ut3 and others like it. The fault lies with epic games that did not know how to cover its franchise. And he started being ******** with Fortnite. They even put halo.
    Epic games is not epic anymore. He is dedicated to selling and giving games. NO to innovate. For even giving a recognition to the saga that took him to the top in the unreal tournament saga. It hurts me. But ut3 is dead. The future remains for mobile battleroyale games. The pc is already more for photorealistic or immersive games such as survival, graphic adventure. Plus it's so crazy bio ware makes a mass effect remaster. Why not an ut3 remaster fixing the bugs of yesteryear. Even gears had its final version. Or maybe a remastered ut2004 version.

    I have ideas to finish in ut3. But with all the virus disaster and such I was left hanging. And in my country we have a donkey for a president. Anyway, I don't trust epic games like before. I abandon us and betray us.


      HEDRumple nice to hear from you.
      If the purpose of this thread is to gauge interest and also give your life story Skaa3z (Lol wat?), then for me it is the same;

      * It would be very nice if you decided to run a server, im sure people will feel the same.
      - To also make a fresh comprehensive pack of the HED stuff would be cool; it can be added to the "Lack-Of Community Update Edition" LoL.
      ...i know u and Rumple sent me stuff years ago, but i lost a bunch of my own files too and i didn't want to upload your content to the UT3 archive without permission and especially not incomplete/messy.

      Now for Skaa3z

      * It would be cool if you made/ uploaded a complete pack of all your releases. So i can add you to the community Edition update thread..

      // waffle;

      still have no idea what is going here
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        TKBS They know I'm Latino Here is a sample that does not leave ut3 but. I'm hanging.

        The dea de doa5lr. It is all I can offer at this time. I will post things again when I have something more solid. The truth is ut4 (I don't like alpha) When I don't see some immersion I feel empty.


          • No idea what you are saying...
          • Good quality video.
          • Huge improvements to what i saw years ago with your messy upks.
          • Excellent file organisation.
          • Lighting: Try to stick with lighting values less than 2 where possible.
          • Plant: looks like the vertex lighting maybe inverted, that will require a new 3dmodel, but could be wrong, could just be bad settings or 50 other reasons..
          • Materials: Nice.
          • This High detail stuff is probably still best for Campaign and single player, consider this. Unless you have a server?
          • This thread: Hijacked lol
          So-if you and HEDRumple would like to join forces, there could be a server with Rumple style-Saa3z content. You could also restart the Unreal remake and just make them playable.

          Skip the first 9Mins: (

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            Hey guys! Nice to see someone is still around. I have something like 14 YEARS of UT3 content. All the Hedsteem stuff I made plus my Bloodshed warfare mod & so much more. I probably have 1TB of UT3 files & assets on my old PC. I even made a new Rumple's Raceway 2020 map that has NEW vehicles that can drift & hop like the UT2004 cars. I need to get my old PC back up & running somewhere so I can access the files. Oh and Fartnite...
            Click image for larger version

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            General Poor Behavior II


              Oooooh, TKBS I would loooooooove to get my fat little fingers on your map pack for UT3!! Just chiming in....


                Originally posted by TKBS View Post
                • This thread: Hijacked lol
                hey That's funny

                Re-compiled a lot of third-party script. (fresh dates keep rolling baby) None of this works without each other. That's a problem!!! Will not fix it

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Best.png Views:	0 Size:	11.6 KB ID:	412252
                Motivation = Mutators, recording and coding. A lot a lot of problem solving because you have to make all mutators work with each other; And also a lot of balancing as well; It just has to feel right; And that takes hours and days of gaming; I linked you to 7 hours of video up there already.
                I upload very frequently. my videos are the only way right now to see my progress, cause I'm having way too much FUN. However I bet you aren't interested since it's just mutators and not the stock game!!

                Uh oh Greed is pretty broken right now... Will now look into that have fun yourselves guys. in my yard UT3 is rocking hard (if any demand, just ask i may make a proper forum post)
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                  I made a greed mod for Hedsteem that replaces the skulls with beer bottles, has advanced titans, & a sticky trans-kill-ocator.
                  General Poor Behavior II


                    I made this melee mod a long time ago. I should release it.
                    General Poor Behavior II


                      • nice to see you having fun.
                      • probably should not be decompiling and recompiling other people's work, but fi you do, at least use a new naming system, and changelogs.
                      • ^^ also congratulations on even being able to do that, it could save alot of mods, post a tutorial lol
                      • Also definately stop messing with "Revilution's" Code, that dude is pretty cool and would probably just share src with you, but since you didn;t ask first, im guessing that may no longer be the case.
                      Personally i don't care, decompile, use src, whatever, but never keep the same names, it is just asking for a disaster, and before you even begin down that path, ask first, if they don't reply, make a choice.

                      Now if you want to modify the titan you need at least this code:
                      • Revilution & I worked together on another bunch of titan stuff, one was called "Mini-Titan" which i loved, but no longer have, maybe it was released, maybe someone has it, maybe it is gone forever..
                      Here's another Mod we worked on and never released: Titan Pickups
                      * You going to have to create a new Ini file for the Config folder:

                      • Cool stuff
                      • You and Skaa3 could make the Doom glory kill, since you know, he loves to use other games assetts flol

                      Someone test some of the stuff i have released recently. I have no idea why i am even bothering lol

                      Happy Modding
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                        You're bothering because:
                        A: You have fun making stuff.
                        B: You love this game & don't want it to die.

                        Same reasons why I always come back to UT3. It was a big part of my life & has helped me through some rough times. We need to brainstorm ways to bring this game back. Lets Make UT3 Great Again!
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                          TKBS Are you serious?!?! you guys worked together???? Man!!! i gotta get in touch with Revilution RIGHT NOW!!!

                          I'm knocking his door at Mod DB, I managed to contact him a year prior, but now i have power to fix it myself. lol :')

                          i F I X E D all his MOD. I Really Mean it.
                          He said his code was a mess. Well it was a piece of cake for me personally; Please watch my comment I left on his website

                          Gotta get in contact, and just talk it up.!!!


                            I'm working on my Rumpled Metal mod. I'm gonna try to get a test server up this weekend. Anyone will be free to join to test. I have 4 vehicles so far. Two cars, a dune buggy, & a semi-truck. All start with basic weapons & there are weapons that you can puck up on the map, health pickups, & powerups for your vehicles. Weapons are mortar shells, hydra missiles, tank shell, land mine, power missile, freeze ray, & dark matter cannon. I have a 71 Cuda & a monster truck to add along with some more weapon ideas.
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