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Is GinGUTS, an addon to Galtanor's Invasion still being worked on or abandoned?

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    Is GinGUTS, an addon to Galtanor's Invasion still being worked on or abandoned?

    I was wondering if the addon for Galtanor's Invasion named GinGUTS is still developed.. I certainly hope so since with it there's no game mode GUI such as lives counter, waves counter, and such stuff. I love the game mode and would like to see it being developed or at least fixed by someone.l
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    Remember these links?
    Galtanors (GinGUTS patch v034pre) Invasion
    About the mod (and patch, keyword: patch! install both things) in the old forum

    I put them here for reference, I'm glad you talk about it, It's the best invasion i've ever played; insane variety and stuff

    But no, I don't think it's being worked on..... Hmm.... not like I'm experiencing any particular problem right now with it. If so, I may fix it
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      I see. The GinGUTS patch (v034) is the GaltanorsInvasion.u file, maybe you require the UPKs, you gotta try to install all of them in the Google Drive in there

      Grab this ini, it will guide you a lot

      I only have Genuine wave enabled, it rolls through all the monsters from Invasion ever, so you can test if you have them.
      Disable waves with "bIgnoreInRandomList=True", see spoiler
      Tip: Type command "servertravel" and map will reset instantly. (so you get a different wave)


      EDIT: visual representation of INVASION v022 + v034 patch (upper right part of the screen) ; Thanks for bringing up the issue however, This mod should be repacked properly for installation
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        Darn, that hits... Ok i'll keep guiding you. It's not your fault, the files are a mess.

        Let's take a reference with UTGaltanorsInvasionMonsters.ini

        the monsters UPKs are
        - GaltanorsInvasion (the stock ones, like skeletons, as you said)
        - DavisionsMonsters.u
        - FraegersMonsters.u
        - GinMon-LotR.u
        - GinMon-Smite.u (it has frikin Zeus!!)
        my mistake, these are U script files, but the UPKs (the model data) are bundled in the same place so no problemo?
        Don't feel like you're wasting anyone's time, i'm exactly here to assist

        The files go in CookedPC folder, no matter what subfolder

        edit: as a fact, I played galtanor's v022 without the patch for a decent time, then recently i noticed the v034 patch
        It just sucks, that it is harder now to find stuff, i never got to visit as I started playing UT3 in 2018. But I'm up to the impossible

        edit 2: i get the "WaveBeginMessage" when i use the Titan mutator, like eh you're not supposed to have that on, that's cheatin'!
        on that note, I wish Titan-enabled waves were a thing, that would be the full experience, like gee i want that now : D

        edit 3: i just read your edit. ill dm you
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          If there's any admin, please delete this topic. Wish I could do it myself but can't. I am not willing to deal with the whole invasion thing anymore. I might honestly uninstall UT3 for a bit and get a break...


            Yeah, I have to agree.
            It should be one click install, I really have to look this up

            Cause only I could do that now at this point in time. Eventually though, as with other great guys like Skaa3z and Rumple, you know, they are here, they are doing stuff, they are interested in this game, come back to it with ideas. I try to give my best support at the present... No rush
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              Sorry for this all.. Nerves got over me, I literally have been sitting angry for an hour.. I will try to reinstall Galtanor's Invasion and GinGUTS and see if GUI/HUD works (radar, bar with lives, current wave and monsters left to kill on top of screen, etc.) then we can talk about other things on private messages.