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Rumpled Metal - Public Release 1.0!

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    Rumpled Metal - Public Release 1.0!

    Rumpled Metal Public Beta 1.0

    Author: Rumpleforeksin aka RumpleHEDskin aka

    Co-Author: |-|eav aka HEAV3007

    Rumpled Metal is a vehicle combat mod for Unreal Tournament 3.
    Players spawn in the garage & pick a vehicle. Then they are teleported to the arena to battle!
    Pick up various weapons including 4 unique super weapons! Choose from 4 different game types, Rumpled Metal - Slaughter, Rumpled Metal - Team Slaughter,
    Rumpled Metal - Scavenger, or Rumpled Metal - Capture the Fuel!
    Rumpled Metal - Slaughter & Team Slaughter plays like standard deathmatch. Kill everyone & the most kills wins.
    Rumpled Metal - Scavenger is team based. Kill the enemy, scavenge their parts & recycle them at the enemy recycler! The team with the most recycled parts after 20 minutes wins!
    Rumpled Metal - Capture The Fuel plays like standard CTF but you pick up the fuel & score with your vehicle.

    Rumpled Metal has 9 maps. Each map can play both game modes! More coming soon!
    Pick up weapons & powerups from the arena to battle the enemy.

    This mod has 8 vehicles, 14 weapons, 2 deployables, & 6 powerups!

    Artillery shells - Fires a volley of 9 artillery shells in an arc!
    Cluster Bomb - Fires a cluster of bombs in an arc! When they land they explode & drop many tiny bombs!
    Freeze Ray - Fires a tracking ball of freezing plasma at enemy that freezes them in place & disables their weapons!
    Hellfire - Fires a volley of 6 rockets!
    Laser Cannon - Fires a burst of 20 short red laser pulses!
    Rail Gun - Fires a hypersonic projectile that goes through multiple enemies!
    Power Rocket - Fires a powerful tracking rocket!
    Scatter Shot - Fires a cone of small rockets!
    Shock Cannon - Fires 3 powerful shock balls in an arc!
    Tank Shell - Fires 1 powerful tank shell!

    Super Weapons:
    Dark Matter Cannon - Fires a huge ball of dark matter in an arc that implodes sucking everything near it in!
    Gravity Bomb - Fires a gravity bomb in an arc that explodes reversing gravity to anyone near it sending them high in the air!
    Phoenix Nuke - Fires a huge nuke in an ark that explodes into a firey mushroom cloud!
    Thunder Bomb - Fires a big chrome ball in an arc that bounces along the ground! Once it stops, it explodes with a thunderous blast!

    Deployable land mine drops to the ground wating for someone to get near then explodes. It will kill the owner in non team games!
    Deployable sticky mine sticks to objects wating for someone to get near then explodes. It will kill the owner in non team games!

    Shockwave - Jump near enemy to send out a destructive blast!
    UDamage - Doubles the damage of your weapons!
    Shield - Gives you an invulnerable shield for a short time!
    Hyperboost - Boost time is longer & boost is stronger!
    Juggernaught - Gives you 1000 health & increases your vehicles mass! Crashing into other vehicles causes more damage!
    Mega Jump - Makes you jump really high! Great for bombing enemy from high up!

    Spacebar = Boost
    Crouch = Handbrake (Works best bound to LeftShift. Vehicles drift realy well!)
    Run over weapons to pick them up. Each weapon picked up has one ammo but some fire multiple shots! Default weapons have unlimited ammo!
    Horn button = Jump (Vehicles can jump by pressing the default horn button! Jump has a 5 second cool down! Bound to extra mouse button works best!)

    Just drop the MyGames from the zip file into your "MyDocuments" folder (Windows 7)

    or the "Documents" folder (Windows 10) folder & overwite the folders when prompted.

    If you use "nohome" please make sure you install the files in the same folder structure or the mod won't work.

    Thanks & enjoy!
    Download Here:

    My Server:


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      That really looks like fun! Awesome works presented here HEDRumple! Keep Up the GoodWorks!
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