Hello everyone,

I would like to delete my UT3 account. Is it feasible? I have found this procedure but does not work for me.

1: Click the 'Create Profile' button on the login menu (need to logout from the main menu if currently logged in)
2: In the Create Profile menu, type the name of the account you want to delete, put in anything for the password (e.g. '1'), and for the email, type 'DeleteAccount'
3: When you try to create the profile, if it successfully deleted the account it will tell you profile creation was successful, then it will attempt to log you in, and this will fail (which is normal, since the account is now deleted).
If there was an error, such as an account that does not exist, the create profile menu will tell you that the username is invalid.

This will verify your cd-key behind the scene so it is not exploitable.

Any tip is appreciated.

Thank you in advance