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    Unreal Tournament wiki

    Hellos, i would like to share Unreal Tournament wiki pages for collecting information:

    Unreal Universe wiki
    The inofficial and most precise wiki pages you can find about unreal.
    The fact are checked and only official content is supported.
    If you wanna find any small fact about the official games, this is the place to go

    Unreal Tournament community content wiki
    The modding wiki of UT. This wiki just started and supports unofficial content for all UTgames
    If you want to find maps, mutators, mods or other content or wanna add something as creator, feel free to go there.

    Unreal Engine wiki
    The official unreal engine 4 wiki for tutorials, documentation and further modding.
    Question to blueprints, lights or mapping can be solved here and trained step by step.

    Liandri archive
    The very first wiki and archive was liandri archive and has original information about the early UT content.
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    Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki

    Personally, I always used the Liandri Archives as a wiki ( simply because it existed before all the wikis. But I suppose it's better to have a wiki as it's more well known and popular today by the general audience.


      ok i added it
      Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


        The Cutting Room Floor has some good information regarding stuff that didn't make it into the Unreal series games. "Almost" lore!

        Links to other games in the series at the bottom.
        My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)