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cant log in to this site

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    cant log in to this site

    Wanted to know if anyone else was having this issue, but on this site ( the log in button at the top right hand corner doesnt work, i had to log in on the download epic games launcher page and thankfully that logged me into these forums as well. I used firefox, chrome and edge, all of which just drop down an empty drop down menu when u click login at the top right. Didn't know where else to post this.

    You are not alone.
    Originally posted by lol time=1624421665 user_id=6584
    Subject: Active forums

    Originally posted by EvilGrins post_id=130179 time=1624130444 user_id=5738 is not allowing logins at the moment...

    Go to
    and back to the forum it's ok you are connected
    But apparently going back to the main site, logging in there, can get you into the forums.
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