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Is it possible for a private server to upload match stats/rank/XP?

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    Is it possible for a private server to upload match stats/rank/XP?

    I am running a Linux server and all works great expect after a game I see the XP bar etc but then on the server console I see these error messages:

    [2016.04.13-23.25.08:022][217]LogGameStats:Warning: Stats write failed {"errorCode":"","errorMessage":"Sorry your login does not posses the permissions 'ut:stats:8f59f0b0a70747a9878b6f96adfd050d UPDATE' needed to perform the requested operation","messageVars":["ut:stats:8f59f0b0a70747a9878b6f96adfd050d","UPDATE"],"numericErrorCode":1023,"originatingService":"com.epicgames.ut.public","intent":"prod10"}

    [2016.04.13-23.25.08:470][242]UT:Warning: Failed to report Match Results to the server. User ELOs will not be updated. (403) An error occurred while communicating with the game servers (

    [2016.04.13-23.25.08:471][242]LogOnline:Error: OSS: McpUtils request https://ut-public-service-prod10.ol....m/match_result failed. code=403 response={"errorCode":"","errorMessage":"Invalid credentials for this api.","messageVars":[],"numericErrorCode":23018,"originatingService":"com.epicgames.ut.public","intent":"prod10"}

    So I can see that I do not have the access needed. Is it possible to gain access and add to game.ini/rules.ini/command lauch/etc?

    Trusted servers get XP and Replays. Non-trusted servers don't get those at the moment.
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      i run the server hub "Pony Killers, " been running for a while now.

      How would we be able to become a "trusted" server?
      or are all private servers like this now?
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        How can a server become a trusted server?