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Windows HUB server, can't connect to games

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    Windows HUB server, can't connect to games

    I've setup a HUB server on my home LAN.

    I can connect to the HUB server just fine.

    When I start a game, I see the HUB server launch the game instance, but my client will not connect to the game.

    My client times out and kicks me off the HUB.

    If I reconnect to the HUB, I see the old game that I created but I still can't join it.

    I've disabled the windows firewall on the server and my client.

    Thoughts on what I should try next?

    Same problem here. The only differece for myself, i'm running the server in debian. Friends on WAN can connect to the hub and play witout any problem (router ports fowarded correctly). But in lan, i can join my hub, but i can't create a game. Got connection timeout. On a windows client connected in LAN.


      I also had this same problem; running the server and client on the same hardware, and also with separate machines on the lan. Going hubless, I was able to join my own games, which was ok for a few games with friends, except I had some upload ("network or server hitching" messages) and redirect issues. I saw this problem discussed here before and some suggest the local network (generally, your router) must support NAT hairpinning to be able to connect to your game instances from hub. I eventually wanted an always on server with a hub, and since renting a server is cheaper for me than getting any internet service with comparable upload speed locally (not to mention using my own electricity), I have resorted to that for now.


        I have this same issue as OP described. I've been looking for guides for a couple days. I can't connect to the site that Zunnie posted last year...

        I see in this guide that you can join dedicated servers to the hub, so I'll try that next. But I thought the point of the Hub was that it would create new instances on demand.