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Centos 7 and Newest (3525360) Linux Server (Hub) Install. Help!

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    Centos 7 and Newest (3525360) Linux Server (Hub) Install. Help!

    Hello, I hope this is an appropriate place to ask this.
    I had successfully installed and ran a hub on Windows 7. My Machine is a 2006 Mac Pro, Quad XEON 5150 (2x2) with 4GB Memory.
    The Windows hub ran perfectly, but I would have to reboot a few times a month. Yesterday, I decided to switch to Linux (Centos 7) and downloaded
    I followed what seems to be an outdated guide:
    There weren't the correct paths and folder names that were listed in the tutorial found within this new server folder after I unzipped.
    Is there an up to date walkthrough for installing

    I was able to fix it by following a different tutorial, that got me 99% there. Now I have a separate issue that I have to figure out.