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new server, few questions

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    new server, few questions

    So i just got back into running a ut4 server and a hit a few glitches i would like to fix up if anyone still around here could help me out.

    1) Whenever i use the "botfill" command it acts like the "maxplayers" command, like the number of bots i want allowed is the number of maximum players can enter the server. So now im running a server with no bots as when i just use the "maxplayers" command the server then has as many bots as there are slots for players.

    * Just found out the botfill command is broken and theres a mod called 1player1bot that can add a bot to the match when only 1 person is in the server.

    2) Respawn time. My clan's gametype is very fast pace so it is very noticeable that the time it takes for someone to respawn after death is longer than it was in 99 or 2k4. I would like to make this time shorter if theres a setting for it

    3) Map vote bring up time. At the end of the match itll count down until the mapvote pops up, but once this timer is done the mapvote doesnt pop up for another 30 seconds or so, so im wondering if theres a setting/command for bringing up the mapvote faster. Ive seen servers with 5x the amount of maps we run atm get brought up much faster than ours.

    4) Half time removal. Our server is a CTF server and no ut has had halftime built into a game mode before and we dont care for it, is there anyway to disable half time?

    * Found another mod called nohalftime that removes half time.

    5) Ip issue. Our box has 4 ip addresses, if i bind 3 out of the 4 ip addresses to this server the server will come up as a red server and ppl can only connect to it by typing the ip address. But if i use 1 specific ip we have then the server comes up normal and people can find and enter it threw the server list. The problem is, the ip address that actually works is already running one of our 2k4 servers. Its not the end of the world if we have to change that 2k4 server to a different address so our ut4 server can run properly, however i would like to avoid that as our 2k4 server is one of the top played 2k4 servers. I know the posts here that deal with red servers tell me to look into the ports, and i did a bit, however i know our server hosting company only blocks out 1 port (not any used for ut) and clearly the ports that are needed to be opened are opened as we can run it just fine off of 1/4 ip addresses we have when i tried them all using the same ports.

    * Found another post about this same issue that did not give a fix, still asking around but it might not be possible to get around this issue:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    btw- i am running a regular server, not a hub atm.
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