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    The perfect Admin Panel

    Not sure what the new UT admin panel for managing a game server will look like, if it's a web interface i'm cool with it, but as a great addition don't you think it would be handy to have a visual admin panel in the game, a little bit like UTComp had server settings in its panel (F5 by default)?

    I'd love to hear your feedback, on what are cool features that you'd love to see in the admin panel that didn't make it in the previous games, hopefully it'd be good to have a pool of ideas going forward!

    I'll start with what i'd like to see:

    * Togglable Game statistics (reboot safe): I believe it would be awesome to see how many games have been played throughout months esp, if it's a public server
    * Mute players: Potty mouths can be muted server-wide
    * Admin API: Build awesome integrations with IRC, mobile apps, other server panels to control your server
    * Autodemorec: No need to have a to write a mutator, this should be default toggable !
    * Mobile friendly web interface (we're in 2014 eh)

    elmuerte? hendricks?


      Kick/Ban-Functionality, Basic Gamemode/Voting-Setup and the ability to extend it mod-wise easily.

      Not directly a Admin feature, but i love to see something like eBot from CS:GO for UT:
      It allows you to create matches or whole Tournaments/Seasons, including the config, demo recording and statistics, checking for the correct steamId's etc. plus ingame readyup and matchpausing.
      Kind Regards,
      Patrick "Ragnos" Frings


      Maps, Mods and more for UT99, UT2kx and UT3!


        The BEST panel