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    WEZ Concept Artist

    I grew up on Unreal Tournament on (Unreal Tournament 1 on Dreamcast, unreal tournament 2004, and unreal championship 2 mainly). Super psyched that a new one is coming out!

    I will Likely do a few of unreal Tournament themed map concept artworks this summer and over the next year for my portfolio when I have time, and if any of you are welcome to attempt to create maps/assets based on them(even ones that I don't make specifically for UT4), be sure just to let me know at (Just incase someone owns the design I made) and just be sure to credit me on release. I can also do paid concepts to guarantee only you can use them if you are interested.

    Example of my work.

    Can't wait to be back in the arena!
    Derek Weselake ~ aka WEZ

    I really love your work !
    Ludwig Dresch - Hard Surface & Environment Artist
    Here is my portfolio :


      Your art looks awesome. Very vibrant and colorful settings, something this new UT really needs.


        Hi WEZ..

        Make a post here if you are interested in doing some concepts


        View my portfolio
        Unreal mod member since 2002
        CTF-Safeguard3, CTF-Dreary3, CTF-Stratus (V1.2), CTF-Pipeline(WIP)


          Thanks Bazz, I will be sure to introduce myself in your thread.