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Please bring back some of the signature UT movement animations.

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    I got my hands on the new rig finally, and decided to play with a simple signature animation for now:

    Without the proper idle pose in the game or a weapon, I'm taking a guess. But it's a start.
    I think it could probably be quicker, but I went on the more realistic side of things, with a bit of a casual, cocky attitude.

    Added a new one for fun.
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      Gr8 job R.E.D. !!!


        Also bring back the headshot animation, please. If you kill a player the head should fall off and bounce on the ground. I know that was brutal, but... it was nice :]


          Heeeeeeeeeey, I revised that cut throat animation from months ago. Now with proper idle pose AND using the proper hand! (lol)

          I've sent this over to Epic. Mayhaps they will use it?

          What signature ones do you guys think are super missing right now? Pelvic thrust, and Chat I think are probably top of my list. Maybe hand waving?


            Working with Aaron a bit, I came up with this for a talking animation:

            As the video says:
            While typing, this would play. Past games have done the old finger to the ear motion, but since this one added custom helmets, I wanted to avoid the possibility of intersection. In addition, I thought having the gun lowered would also be a more clear indicator that this person is typing, and not to kill them.
            This animation has an idle to loop and back out of loop sequence, but the game- being very fast, might simply just blend quickly to the loop frames.

            This idea also allows for more character if wanted. Different characters could have different talking loops!
            As we have a Necris and Skaarj character now, and female ones too, I could see giving them different talking loops. That would be a "not enough resources" problem, but I'd be very willing to do it. It's hard to inject character into this fast paced game, and that could add a lot to it.
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              Awesome! How the hell these are not in the game already?