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    New Taunts Discussion

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to get started on some taunts pretty soon, and I took a whole lot of video reference today to prepare for that. I'm not at all suggesting every single one of these is a good idea, it's more of a live action brainstorming.
    Note that these are all for what would be a Generic Male character.

    But unlike the past where it was just pretty standard generic taunts, Epic has been discussing the idea of more context sensitive things. For example: Weapon taunts. taunt(s) for when you're using the rockets, flak, shock, etc. This doesn't have to get too crazy, but it certainly could be. And we can all have a lot of fun with it!
    And lets be honest here, there are a lot of room for all kinds of taunts if we wanted them.

    Weapon/flag Context Sensitive Taunts:
    Here is an example of some ref I took for myself:
    Note: Sorry for the vertical video. it's not because I don't know how to use an iphone. it's so I could get my feet in the shot.

    Also suggested was taunts with holding the flag. I didn't take video for this yet because quite frankly, I'd smash my pole prop into the ceiling swinging it around (and my camera ran out of batteries). Need to maybe do that outside. But I'm thinking stuff like: Spinning the flag in hands like a baton, planting it hard next to yourself as a "I claim this!" type of motion, Swinging it like a baseball bat and miming a home run, pole vault flipping in place, dancing with it like it's a cane, smashing it downward on the ground like a club, waving it in the air back and form as a signal. and etc.

    Generic New Taunts:

    I always felt like the choices of taunts in the game was pretty thin for what I REALLY wanted to do after a match, so I explored a whole bunch of other ideas in this video. Broken into what I define as: Celebration, Mockery, and Instigation. My thoughts were you could have a sort of cheering "I'm the man!" type motion for celebration, Mockery would be more like.. well, mocking the player. Anything from laughing at them to telling them to get lost, and so on. And then Instigation is more like "bring it..." type things. Anything that if you did to someone in person, would rile them up.

    Negative Emotes:

    While thinking about all these taunts, I thought about how it might be fun to give animations for what ends up being the losing players. Normally when you lose a match, you just get to act like you won. dance, thrust, cut throat.. Thats fine, but what if you could face palm, throw a temper tantrum, shake your head in defeat, and so on? I think it would be hilarious to see someone dancing as a winner and the rest of the server is face palming (especially if that dancing is awful...)

    Epic would like more dances than just the good ol pelvic thrust, and let me tell you guys.. I can't dance. But I can youtube search. So here are some I was considering:
    "Bring it"- (right around the 2 min mark Kevin hart does a pretty great dance I think for this game)
    Spongebob- (try and tell me this isn't perfect for dancing on the corpses of your enemies. Regardless of what anyone says, I'm totally making this)
    I haven't spent a ton of time but I KNOW there are a ton. make some suggestions

    Old Taunts:

    Pelvic thrust, Cut throat, *** smack, these are all pretty much guaranteed to make it in. There is really no discussion here, but I figured I'd show you guys I filmed 'em anyways.

    I'll soon be posting some actual animations going with some of these ideas, but it would be really helpful if people gave their thoughts on what they like, don't like, and want to see. I captured a lot, but there are infinitely more out there to explore. Also, I'm not a big bulky killer like the characters in the game. A lot of the natural sloppiness (being unable to catch the gun after tossing it for example) can and will be much more refined and streamlined.
    Let me know!
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    SO I went ahead and started that spongebob dance because no one can stop me from making that.

    Also loopable:

    It is what I would consider slightly into a second pass. Blocked and cleaned up a bit, but more critical work could be done to iron out the kinks. It needs a proper second pass on making it smoother overall.
    I put a bit too much animation into the spine to try and make it less stiff, but sometimes that gives him an off balance feel.
    Also have not animated the hands really. The arms could use a bit more movement to them, but then again, this dance doesn't do a lot with the arms, and they could be doing just about anything.
    Lastly, I animated the biped mainly, but that means the bulk armor on this guy makes problems. Now the UT4 guys would presumably not look this crazy bulked up, but for this testing purpose I'm going to do some work on it.

    One other thing is that I also want to make a simpler version where he's just doing this in place, not spinning around. It shouldn't take long to put that together, I have most of the pieces already. Just didn't do it tonight because I finished this fairly late.
    Feel free to chime in with anything!
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      First off, I'd like to say that I'm stoked that someone with your resume has joined in on this. Secondly, after watching these videos, I can see that you are obviously a UT fan.

      You are touching on an area that is near and dear to my heart, the humor factor in the game. This is going to be key to making UT4 a living, breathing entity and will help greatly in snaring new fans to the game. The trick is to snare them in with the fun stuff and keep them around long enough to get good at the game so they can start enjoying it on that level also. I know people that have been playing TF2 forever mostly because they love the humorous aspect of it.

      Great job on the planning/videos so far. I'm not sure how well the Spongebob would fit - maybe a shortened, modified version of that could work.
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        Sweet, let me know if you need help getting taunts in the game, been playing around with that lately.


          Thanks M^uL! I'm just kind of throwing stuff at the wall until people give me more specific direction, but I can't get the image of someone doing this silly dance at the end of a match, out of my head
          And I 100% agree with you about TF2. If I can bring some fun with stuff like that, I'm all for it!

          knepleyp: I'll definitely need help getting these over eventually. I saw documentation on it, but it's both for UE3 tech using actor X stuff, and also something I've never done before. Once I make enough things to actually start getting in the game, you can bet I'll be poking people for assistance.

          Thanks guys!


            Eff yeah! :d
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              Alright, tonight I decided to do a simplified version of that dance. A basic loop. This is more akin to game stuff, as it's only 60 frames long, but the longer spinning dances could be explored if anyone is interested.

              Afterward, I decided to modify it in a few minutes to see if I could make it more of a taunt.

              I just picture someone doing this to me on the other end of the map.. And making me go into a laughing fit..... Before I stalk and brutally destroy them
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                Thumbs up for the second video (variant). Perfect!
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                  Tonight I decided to tackle a more standard win taunt.

                  I streamed myself making it too:
                  twitch split it into 3 parts for some reason.
                  Part 1-

                  and right as I was about 95% done the biped got into this weird hitch where it wouldn't let me animate the left arm anymore.. after an hour or so of messing with it, I gave up, BUT it's like 99% done.. I just wanted more bounce in that left arm..

                  I took a video to show this, though I'm going to post a separate thread about it because it was a pretty serious thing to stumble over.
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                    I cant give any constructive feedback on the animation itself, but this looks pretty cool and would be a funny addition to the game: )
                    Keep working on it, looks very cool so far :]
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                      Thanks! Just so everyone knows: if you can't think of anything to say animation wise, feel free to toss in taunt ideas or anything you'd like me to explore. As mentioned in a previous post, I'm just kind of spitballing with these. Going after ones I like the best or are fun to make. But if anyone would let to see, or suggest something, call it out


                        These are hilarious and awesome.

                        I want to see the enforcer taunts. Any one of the spins, the under the leg or round the back toss, and the side arm shot are all great and expressive.


                          You got it man! I will do those especially for you
                          Likely going to stream some more tonight, I can put them on my list:
                          and thanks!


                            This is freaking awesome, I love your outlook on this and it would be great to see some of these in-game.


                              And done. Enforcer spin. Dedicated to Vailias <3:

                              I was thinking that I could also just cut the flashing whipping back and forth, only keeping it to a spin. But I always have a tendency to try and push more motions and character into basic actions.

                              My biped also continues to be broken, but I powered through it anyway by pretty much animating with all the geometry off 95% of the time. Need to take a day and just.. troubleshoot this thing.

                              GnrlSpecific: Thank you! Those are the reactions I'm hoping for

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