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    Nvidia FLEX

    So I stumbled upon this new crazy thing Nvidia is doing:

    This is actually super ubber dope. The level of immersion will be much better with these kind of physics / animations.

    I saw someone already using it on UE4:

    Would be cool for UT to use this new Nvidia "gadget". It looks really promising.

    Nice video... couldn't stop thinking we need this for blood and gibs in UT

    Joke aside, ragdoll effect/physics engine have always been top of the hat in previous UTs, so it's something that this new UT needs too !


      Chaos, holy, every blood ? You crazy Boy ! *g*
      i think on water, where can step into, an better interaction in the game, i bet, any Player it is happy about some possibility's and this make the world's of Unreal and the Unrealengine more believable.. ehh environment more believable.. jumping in the water, jumping in swamp, the Smoke from the Chimneys on top of the Factory's, makes all more alive, believable and i think on the Adventure of Unreal, what's now remake/revival or how ever.. And big landscape's with they're Environment's ... ooohhh live pure , as example, an Waterfall, more real water as now.. this water is an mix between Pudding and slime .. something .. so, not really believable, but if this engine tuned up with this possibility's have we an real well Environment where it is really more believable more real and more alive ..

      Chaos.. only blood, really ?, It goes without saying and of course on it with *g*
      ( real blooding and crying victim with an axe in the head and running around and
      you can hurt them with an whip with the splattering blood.. yea baby, this it is also possible
      harharhar *lol* spezially for you, with an shotgun bears monition where puffing the blood only around ,
      what's well for you ... only bleeding.. pffhh *g* Chaos.Engine, you're an softy *g* we should included Naliweapons3 with them Blood.. ) [/kidding]*lol*

      best regards
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        Well, already exists a gore FLEX use in a game using unreal engine3.

        Disclaimer : it's really gross. seriously.


          Uh, interesting! But I don't know if realistic blood makes the game much slower.

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            Well, if you speak about performances, it literally KILLS your pc lol. It needs time and optimisation, but i guess in few years a lot of games will use it, just like physics in games after halflife2. But if you speak about gameplay wise, yeah maybe it would be wierd if there's too much.


              We definitely need more excessive gibs soon the graphics and effects are pretty boring without it. I think right now its too toned down.


                for maps with water this would be very cool. Your own footsteps could splash water everywhere.

                As for blood and gibs I'd rather see them do something similar to Brutal Doom v2.0, the the flesh gibs sometimes stick to the wall/ceiling a few seconds before falling down. Blood/water is dripping down from the walls, etc.

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