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    Ok im trying to learn blender and got bored so i did this

    unfortunatly i had to use the asset released in this thread which is triangulated and makes it hard to paint the skin weights


      Kazeo-Hin already made a Titan.

      Try making a Warlord for the game.


        I know that is his titan he released the ut assets a while back in this thread i just thought i'd try rigging it for animation


          bananna_manuk great work so far! Have you already tried importing skeletal meshes from Blender to UE4?
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            not yet but i have looked into it there is a good tutorial here

            i do have expience importing animations into ut3 and the udk

            ps if anyone has a more humaniod mesh they want me to rig i'd like to try making a monster that can carry a UTWeapon and add it to the blitz gamemode never know might inspire someone to code the invasion gametype for us
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              Hey Exo, could I talk to you in the Minigun Concept thread for a second?


                ok so that worked but i seem to have imported a load of bones from the rig which i dont need


                  so after watching a few more tutorials i made my first idle animation

                  I've shared blender files for the idle animation here
                  and the default rigg here

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                    bananna_manuk Looks like a good rig nontheless.

                    btw. I'm about to learn animation too, but can't find any good tutorials on complete rigging (all I can find is just people adding bones, nothing extra). Can you send me some?
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                      today i spent making a walk cycle

                      guess i should nail down exporting next

                      Get the walk cycle blend Here
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                        I cheated with the titan and used the rigify addon to create the rig.


                        thats a great tutorial and he explains the constraints and weight painting

                        then ue4 has a great video on exporting from blender to ue4


                        but using rigify you add a skeleton place the bones to your mesh

                        generate the rigg

                        delete the meta rig

                        add any extra bones/ contraints you need to the deformation skeleton

                        then parent the mesh with automatic weights to the deformation skeleton

                        tidy up any pesky skin weights that look odd and your ready to animate


                          Awesome bananna_manuk !

                          Looking forward to see this in-game!
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                            Woah the Titan !


                              Looks like a really good start bananna_manuk . If you're able to make a few basic animation (Walk, Hand swing, Hand Smash, Rock throw) and import them, then I suppose there's mostly coding left to do ? After that we can hope for the a real start for a the Invasion remake by the UT community !

                              Keep up the good work all ! I'm not of much help and only lurks now, but I'm still regularly following progress and I'm ready to support you as best as I can. Even if it's just vocal.


                                so i've hit a bump in the road when it comes to importing ,I managed to get rid of alot of the unecessary bones by checking the deformation bones only option in the export options But, i'm still left with the armature bone above the root in may bone hieracy

                                also i've watched the live training stream which explains how to use the script but when i run it nothing seems to happen