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Implementation of Custom Characters

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    Implementation of Custom Characters

    Hi Folks,

    Apologies if this was asked before, and if it has been answered before.

    Before I get into asking the questions I'm curious about, I'd get the nitty gritty out of the way first, in a few days I'll be moving to a new place and I'll likely be without a connection for several months, if not permanently (hopefully not, but likely). That being said, I've been having a hard time figuring out a few things related to characters and specifically how exactly to get them to work in UT4 (Not UE4). With that in mind, I'd like to get some help about this before I leave and isn't able to ask for any help afterwards.

    I've been working on a personal character and there are things related to the character subject that I'm unsure of, and can't seem to find a viable source of help to know how the technical side works (the glue to get it all to work in-game) Now I've gone through pages and tons of tutorials, all of which give vague explanations or are directly related to only UE4, and not really UT as such, which I do think is a little bit of a problem as there seems to be a few things that is different between UE4 and UT4's system to get things to work in the game. (I might be wrong on that, forgive me if I am)

    What I would like to know is the following:

    - Does this UT support a custom skeleton with custom animations of a sort?

    I've made my character, made a custom skeleton to fit the functionality of the character and made a few custom animations, is it possible for me to import the character with this custom skeleton into the UT Editor and be able to make her functional and playable within the game? I don't mind creating the tons of animations needed for the character to have all the motion that the official characters have thus far in-game.

    I understand the concept behind having a universal skeleton for most of the characters, it makes it easier to then implement a set of animations and various other aspects across all the characters without the need of making custom sets for each character. However, I would like to know if I can actually use a custom skeleton, and be able to make the character playable and functional in the game as she stands at the moment.

    - How does the character pipeline work when it is in the engine?

    I've done a few things for UE4 before taking an interest in the UT editor, one of which was to replace the Blue character in UE4 with my own character together with custom animations, which was fairly simple. However, I'm not entirely sure how to achieve the same result in UT. Instead of replacing a pre-existing character, I want to add a new character instead, to the characters that are already in the game. How do I exactly get the character work?

    I find the majority of tutorials being a very vague explanation of how to actually do it (most of which skipping the finer technical parts that are important to get the character to work). When the model and animations are in, how do I get them to work together to form the final result which allows you to play as said character in-game? What are the nitty gritties to making the character function, things like that. Most only skim accros the bare basics, not actually going into detail and explaining all the technical bits that need to be done in order to get the character to work properly in-game. It is one thing to replace a pre-existing character, but quite another when you make an entirely new character.

    Not expecting anything to be simple, but hoping that someone could help with info regarding the technical side on how to get the character to work in-editor and in-game.

    - Some insight on the character (if this would in any way change the requirements of making the character work)

    She is a standard Female Human character, following the somewhat likeness of the Sapphire Merc from UT2004. Has a ponytail that is rigged and animated, has fully rigged and animated fingers and toes as well as a face rig for basic emotions. Has a few cosmetic items that would be great to toggle on or of, such as, eyewear etc, as seen with the current characters in the game with their respective cosmetic items. Added a weapon bone to both hands as I recall UT3 having bones that act as a sort of socket to where the weapons get bound to in order for the character to hold them.

    My biggest concern is the technical bits of getting the character to work, mainly in the engine and ultimately in the game, and the requirements that need to be met to get it to work (Blueprints etc). How can I get this to work? If it is possible to even use a custom skeleton in this UT.

    That being said, as mentioned at the start, I'd likely be minus a connection for a few months or even permanently, and I would also not be able to update the game whenever one is released, so everything will be a fixed Character for the current version of UT that was released recently (8/24/2015)
    . I am aware that 1p hands will also need to be taken into account, and I'm more than open to getting more knowledge on the weapons specifically for UT whenever the 3p character is working in-game. (Heck, if I can at least get the character to appear in-game that would be more than enough for me at this point, if I can't at all ask for help in a few days from now)