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Skins you want to come back in the new "Unreal Tournament"

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    Originally posted by Crotale View Post
    I want the "Gorgeous Gorge" guy to be playable.
    lol yes but he needs help!

    Click image for larger version

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      Necris Black Legion, especially Kryss, Visse, Kragoth and Malakai! It would be superb to have the Egyptian characters in UT, I agree! Another good pick on Mr Crow. (Delighted to see the UC2 remembrance, they had great designs! )
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        Loved the raw guard models especially the Kregore and Arkon skin (reminded me of Gunther from Deus Ex). Also, war machines with their robotic face textures.

        Vast majority were meh, but the ones that stood out were Widowmaker and Cobalt.


          Any alien from the first Unreal would be great for me. I'd love to play as Skaarj, Mercenaries, or Krall.

          I really like the characters from the Playstation 2 version of UT; they were more detailed, but still in keeping with UT's style. Damien, Dominator, and Warboss/Rampage were especially great, and I think they would work well in the new UT.

          From UT2004's characters, I'd choose Corrosion/Renegade, Mekkor/Skrilax, and Baird.

          As far as teams go, I'd like to see the Blood Reavers, Dark Phalanx (especially Gorn), Thundercrash, and Raw Steel make a comeback.


            It's been so long I can't list specific skins, but I'd love to see skins from throughout the game's history, very much including Skaarj and other Unreal ideas. Also, I'm fine with UT3 skins and even Gears of War cameo skins, but they need to be exceptions, not the rule.

            Also, it would be nice if there was some sort of customization system like UT3 pretended it had, except actually fleshed out to more than two choices for each slot.


              Aside the usual suspects,

              Venom (all-female snake-themed team from UT. Would add some variety and could lead to some cool imagery.)
              Nakhti (UC 2neo-Egyptians)
              Skaarj Hybrids (real Skaarj are 8-9 feet tall. I'd prefer Hybrids to midget Skaarj. d: )
              UT 3 Izanagi (I always felt the Izanagi armor set was the coolest, and it has a lot of potential for very unique visuals.)

              The Nightmare were an interesting concept -- Liandri attempting to replicate the Phayder corp.'s Nano-Black technology and failing miserably, creating insane, tortured freaks instead. The team as it was in 2kx was a bit tacky and had some issues with thematic consistency, but the idea itself could be cool. I don't think I'd want to see them as a first priority, but as something down the line it could be neat to see them reimagined in a more serious and consistent way.

              When it comes to bringing back specific characters, things always get a bit dicey, since some characters change fairly drastically between games (Lilith, fe: was a War Machine in UT, a Nightmare in 2kx and a Necris in UC2...) but I'd definitely like to see Freylis as a unique character again, at the very least, and another vote for a 2kx-ish Sapphire.


                Since we're sharing our thoughts, I thought the vast majority of UT2004's characters were far too silly and shouldn't come back. Punks? Egyptians? there's just no point to them. I MUCH prefer the original's inmate premise of real dangerous individuals, with a bit of back story. Just hold on to the classics and build some basic story elements around them. Oh and please stay away from the bulk if possible; no more Juggernaut-like armors. UT99 really had the best roster in my opinion.


                  Click image for larger version

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                  Gothic style. None of the UT3 cyborg/swamp monster nonsense.
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                    I love the idea of the corporate-themed teams,

                    Malcolm's thunder crash mercenaries
                    The Corrupt Liadri's own corporate team
                    Another company sponsored the Juggernaut team
                    Necris' phayder assassins

                    Got to say while I did like playing as the gen mo kai a lot, and the skaarj a little, I don't think their prescence in the story was ever made that clear, I kind of liked it more when it was focused on humans


                      I personally don't like the freaky UT2004 characters. I like the UT characters, athletic humans with nice sets of armour and combat suits, a humanoid robot/cyborg and especially the Skaarj Hybrid, larger in size (higher camera), heavier in weight (heavier foot steps) and speaking own phrases (Skaarj language). UT99 was more interesting.


                        Wraith and Torch, Romulus and Remus, all from UT2K4.


                          Classic Necris Skin: Kragoth. Baddest looking character I've ever seen in the Unreal Universe. Click image for larger version

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                            Egyptians that are based off this designed and some crazy other class based off the other dudeClick image for larger version

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                              Skaarjs and blake male soldier


                                would like to see the gen mo kai as well as corrosion and syzgy
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