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    Quick character concept

    Hey guys! First post here so go easy haha.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ut14CharConcept.jpg
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    Thought I would share a 15 min sketch I did the other night. Now before anyone starts on the cartoony nature, I drew this more to play round with the armor design, so yeah... not trying to set an art direction.
    Anywho, Been going back and playing all the UT's and while I love UT3 (seems to be quite an unpopular opinion), I think the style that made up the earlier titles were far more unique and eyecatching.

    When I get some more time I do plan to do some serious sketching and hopefully make up some proper character designs that aren't so cartoony. I really want to embrace the cyberpunk/industrial side of UT.

    Anyways give me your thoughts!

    PS. please forgive my dreadful gun design! just needed to fill the space

    Update 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ut14armor.jpg
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    Did another quick mockup with some basic plating and what not. If anyone has some ideas for detail I would be happy to hear them!
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    I like it and really agree that the original style was a lot more eyecatching.
    Looking forward to see some more serious sketches from you.


      Thanks! I'm real keen to toy around with the armor.
      Want to have that kinda chunky but stripped back look that UT99 had. Pretty much heavy plating that allows for flexibility. I see it as a middle ground between how much punishment the player can withstand and their agility.


        Ah, diggin the head gear. Very stylish. Good job on the sleek and slender design. Other than adding some grittiness to portray usage, I don't know what else you could add.
        a.k.a Gunner77


          Cheers mate. Im thinking the next step is adding locks, clips, join lines and more usage marks/chips. Might do a utility belt/holster as well...

          Will post an update in the next day or so!


            I really like this, plus he's got that street cyberpunk look.

            For the armor, the oldschool look is great, but I can't help but to think that it's too oldschool for this game? I think that could mostly be solved in some of the subtle contours of the design. Actually, an image search for BMX Armor has a bunch of neat stuff!


              That bmx armor looks like a great source of inspiration. Thanks for the constructive feedback as well