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    These really remind me of the UT99 corrupt. They really have the "terminator death machine" going for them.


      Originally posted by Rick Kohler View Post
      This is a good way to think about it, IMO. Given the fact that, for now, we have a one-size-fits-all skeleton and capsule we can't introduce a lot of variety in size and basic forms. But that doesn't mean we can't have variety. The androids offer a great opportunity to introduce new silhouettes (negative space in the mid sections? Why not?) and variety of body type.

      I also like the less obviously 'evil' stuff.

      Good work.
      It will be a bit offtop, but i would like to have some academic discussion about variety. From my perspective it look like in the last years artist were taught that the higher the variety the better the design as the absolute truth. In universities, courses or from other artists. It ended up in grotesque understanding of it. Art needs theme, set of traits and rules which in our case player will understand. Then small deviations from said rules will be quickly noticed and read as variety. Human brain is very proficient in recognizing patterns. However in pursuit of high variety artist actually bring high variance to everything. And you know what has the highest possible variance? White noise. Very interesting to watch indeed. Well... maybe i'm different but this is not interesting for me. I preffer patterns and there are no patterns in the noise. What it look in case of world design? It looks like artist are trying to fill every gap they recognize, because for them it is "opportunity to bring more variety" and they do it by filling those with what they are familiar with aka what is a current trend or what they were taught. The more freedom they have the more simmiliar stuff they create. If you gave artists some limitations or rulesets then they will be more creative (bascially limitations and working around them is the source of real creativity). If you give them full creative freedom to artists who are following the ideology of "highest variety possible" they will create pretty much the same looking stuff. The s-f words give artist the most freedom yet the problem of same f-ing looking stuff is most apparent here. Desire for high variety inside the game ends up in lack of veriety between the games. Desing of game worlds is not only what the game is but also what the game is not. Negative design space is important in creating art direction. If you want to fill all design gaps available your art direction i basically "everywhere" aka "nowhere". The most significant art styles are those which have specific art direction. I prefer Big Daddies from Bioshock rather than same looking s-f soldier helmet designs.

      Tone of this post is highly sarcastic on purpose. This was made to make it more thought provoking. Do not take personally.
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