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    It'd be cool if each robot was not just built to look cool but to express a character's personality and story. The personalities of those phases could evolve something like...

    - Phase 1: Single purpose AI. They only do what they're programmed to and have trouble understanding anything outside their programming.

    - Phase 2: Broken general AI. Some of them are failed machine learning experiments, others are early attempts at human mind uploads. You wouldn't want to be like them or even near them as there's no telling how they'll go wrong next. Despite the flaws this is a major upgrade from phase 1. They're versatile, resourceful and never to be underestimated.

    - Phase 3: Strong general AI. It's unclear which development branch they emerged from. Marketing would have you believe they're successful mind uploads of popular tournament fighters and war heroes but they could just as well be the final victory of AI research that's impersonating historical figures. They outperform humans in many tasks, lack many human flaws, and are perfectly aware of that. They are however oblivious to their own flaws and general lack of human qualities. Even though they're only almost perfect they're clearly intelligent enough to make humans obsolete.
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      Originally posted by Kingaz View Post
      Looking good, No real crits but i do have 'modified' version for you to look at, i said this to cyberdelicious as well with his robot, but maybe make the joints more visible, more thin bits to make the silhouette stand out, The Midsection is perfect example More of that . But it looks good how it is anyways. Just thought id put in a little, i do like my robots to show their mechanics. As far as extra animations go i dont think its really worth it, you can probably do some tricks with the skeleton rigging to make it 'Seem' like the pistons are moving or have some trippy material effects, there are many other options that dont require a new skeleton or its own animset. Good job guys, Cant wait to see the renders!

      A few tweaks, Brought the legs/arm joints out a bit wider so you can see the joints between them and the body, plus extra joints, less pipes.
      Looks cool, I don't mind the tubes personally but the broader shoulders and hips definatley give him a better silhouette I think.
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        Looking good. Elbow joints look a tad limited in motion compared to very articulate hands.
        For me it already looks like a multipurpose/combat bot, making itimidating impression and beefed up everywhere except fragile midsection (well, considering general slim look of new characters). With construction bots I would expect to see more decals, yellow-black stripes, a bit more sturdy midsection part with less small details overall, more hydraulic cylinders and tubes visible, maybe some construction lights and fastening elements, just like on real construction equipment.

        It would be nice to have military variation with a head as moving camera with multiple sensors, like on some modern day military drones.

        I'll throw in some pics to illustrate my comment.

        I really like how these guys display civilian and military bots in Neill Blomkamp's movies.
        They look very utilitarian and real.
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          Well I would guess, that we will get humanoid looking corrupt... in the phase 3. This is "just" the first, the oldest production of robots entering the tournament. In the singleplayer camapign the should be the tutorial stuff and in some early fights. Then comes phase two, the last generation of combat drones, still looking more like walking dead machines, but much more armored with human like elements. And then phase three, the cream of the crop, the newest most advanced assassins totally human-like figures with titanium plating (or whatever fancy future material) instead of skin and some hi-tech bits helping them in combat... Xan being the most advanced of them all.


            as with all the other UT character designs, the frequency of detail is way too high


              Originally posted by YemYam View Post
              Hello all!

              We are starting to explore designs for the Liandri Corrupt bot faction. This is the very beginning of the process and we are exploring visual design ideas.

              Gooba has created the first concept working with Rick and I have starting roughing in the basic modeling. As always this will be an iterative, collaborative and evolving process. Nothing is final, this is just the beginning and I look forward to your feedback throughout the process.

              This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version

              I will have first pass renders for the stream next wed 12_16 and I'll update this thread at the same time. Rick & Gooba will contribute to this thread regarding the concept and design. In the meantime please let us know what you think and if you have any ideas to share.
              I see no torso/pelvis joint that would allow torso rotation. With current design this could be located where the yellow part or within the pelvis, but i guess that may require more work. Another thing are elbows. I understand that this may be due to limitations of the current generic skeleton, but from engineering point of view single-jointed elbows have limited mobility. Current design will have clipping of the arm parts when the hand is bent at the elbow with angles below 80 degrees. Also, on this art it looks like the green collar will obstruct any movement of the arm up to the side. May be make the shoulders slightly wider and move the joint outside of green collar part?
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                Thorax in UT2k3:

                The Corrupt in UT'99:

                The Corrupt in UT2k4:

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                  Originally posted by Skaary View Post
                  Categorically disagree. One can argue about characters design in UT2k4 / UT3, but their design was varied and creative. Especially - robots from UT3. As for UT99 - there generally almost all the characters are identical - just painted differently! You so much love the UT99, what want to see the same garbage in UT4?

                  Please, don't need fanaticism.
                  Disagreeing is fine, but assuming that I am just in love with UT99 only is flat wrong. Surely you can make your argument without stooping to comments like calling others fanatics to discredit them.

                  If the designs of the newer robot factions was more varied, that is because they had better technology to work with and more variety doesn't equal "better" or more fitting to the tournament.

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                    I'm trying to explore this Art Deco vibe i mentioned earlier.

                    Art Deco influenced The Corrupt members (stronger influence on the left and weaker on the right):

                    I tried googling "Art Deco Cyborg", "Art Decor Robot" etc. Some nice references i found:

                    Unofficial Enforcer Model
                    Redesigning Enforcer Firemodes


                      Looks freaking cool! Couldn't we add some sort of clothes to those robots to add even more personality and help to further tell a story? Just to contrast with the robotics, the character wouldn't have to be wearing a full suit as we can see in the following concepts.

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                      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
                      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
                      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
                      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
                      This Image Was Automatically Resized by using the Screenshot Tag.  Click to view the full version
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                        Hello all, thanks for the feedback.

                        Again, this is the first of three main visual styles and those three will spawn even more variants. They'll be something for everybody. Henrik, how do you think we can do better? Can you provide examples as to what would be pleasing to you? I really like to discuss this stuff with as many visual examples as possible.

                        As far as the articulation that's the stuff I have to figure out as I'm roughing in the geometry. The bots need to adhere to the same character skeleton and animations as the other characters so there are some limitations. However, I think we can still get clever and make them look like they have unique articulation from humanoids.

                        That's why I stress that it's an iterative process. I'll need to break some things in the concept to make it all work then Gooba will come back in with paintovers to make stuff look cool again. The design will evolve over time with lots of back and forth with everybody.

                        Thanks again for all the comments, look forward to sharing more soon!
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                          Heißt das das wir noch keine Roboter Charactere für UT als Chars bekommen?


                            This game it is time to call the "Real Tournament"))) Excellent detail, but not Unreal Tournament. In any event, Epic have already been set at the style, so i just wish you good luck. Just I wanted to play for robots from the movie "Chappie", and now this opportunity is planned)))

                            P.S. It is a pity that the dreams of the characters from the UT2004 with a new look will remain dreams.


                              Originally posted by YemYam View Post
                              I really like this concept and I hope it will be close to that ingame. Excellent concept
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                                Epic Please this the first Robot Char in the game please Please