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Team colors for different character skins

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    Team colors for different character skins

    I was slightly disappointed when I found out that the team skins for the unlockable skin variants that you can unlock for each of the characters were pretty much the default team skins aside from the OP23 armor which was similar to the other ones except it kept the orange markings. Assuming that we'll get to choose from Red, Blue, Green and Gold colors for Deathmatch and similar gamemodes at some point in the future, I'm was hoping that we would have a larger variety of customization for our player models, so I decided to make some photoshop edits for each of the skin variants for Taye.

    OP23 PA

    Urban Assault

    Swamp Rat (This skin probably won't work out since it's so horribly dark)

    Any thoughts on this?

    looks good

    but not shiny enough for me, i do not care about looks, i want to see my enemy be itutcomp brightskin or epic bright style


      Most of these variants and more should be possible with the mutator I'm working on.

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