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    Originally posted by Irene View Post
    To tell the truth when I started writing it I was playing UT2004 very often, every day for at least 3-4 hours online communicating with other players and my skills weren't bad at that period of time. So basically the game was a huge part of my life. I was thinking about writing a novel every day because writing is what I inevitably do when I feel emotional about something. After a few pages I though I was stealing the idea from somebody else and transforming it into something that I could call mine. I sent an e-mail to Epic Games but they never answered. Here it is: "Hello,
    My name is Irina Balina. I am a writer from Saratov, Russia. I was always a big fan of the Unreal Tournament series, UT99 is the first game I started to play. Anyway back to the business. At present I’m writing a book called ‘The Tournament’. I’m sending you a few chapters of it so as not to try and describe it, instead of this I want you to read and see for yourself what it’s like. Generally it is based on and inspired by the original idea of The Unreal Tournament games. Though the theme the characters and the plot are my own. I realize that all rights concerning the UT belong to your company that is why I’m writing this letter. I’m planning to finish the book and try to get it published. I wanted to contact you and to find out whether or not I’m aloud to do this lawfully."
    Alright, I would like to talk further about it ! But I think you should do a separate thread to share your work. the topic here was rather about the Domina's concept of the OP.

    Let's get back on topic ! The subject of sexualization in UT was already argued. Actually in the same thread were the "sexy" Domina concept came from (Rizel was the author if I remember). Some think it fits, other don't, whatever your side it's to the OP to decide the final product of his work. All we can do is give us some feedbacks and ideas, but he remains alone the one deciding.


      Originally posted by Darkloser View Post
      I think you should do a separate thread to share your work.
      I'm not sure about the placement of the topic. I was searching for a thread in which fiction and etc. connected to UT would be discussed.


        Originally posted by Irene View Post
        I'm not sure about the placement of the topic. I was searching for a thread in which fiction and etc. connected to UT would be discussed.
        Seems like there's nothing like that, nor Off-topic. But considering that literature is a form of art, maybe you should put it on the General Art Forum ?

        They should really need an off-topic section.


          Originally posted by Teliri View Post

          I am spend a few evenings on it, but i,m not think that it is good enough and will fit into the style of the new Unreal Tournament, so I'll just leave this here

          I think this is really promising start. Please continue!

          I agree it's not quite the right style for UT4 but I think this concept actually proves that the nightmare characters could work with a little re-imagining. Especially the sketches in the top corner, to me they don't look too far from something that could fit with UT4 and it shows you're thinking about the possibilities of cosmetics.

          My only criticisms are that the headgear looks more decorative than functional and that the bleeding through the breathing apparatus is unnecessary.


            I did try a nightmare character full body, just thought I would post it for inspiration? I love the nightmare characters and am not sure why there are so many people that don't like them. They are part of the unreal universe just like skaarj and nali cows.

            But this is my quick concept I did awhile ago Its Subversa

            Click image for larger version

Name:	SubversaConcept.jpg
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              That looks awesome, Bah


                thanx Mastrok!

                I will try to refine it and color it, I think they were going for the hellraiser idea somewhat since one of the old taunts was "No tears its a waste of good suffering" which in fact is a quote from pinhead in the first hellraiser movie haha!

                Im such a horror nerd ugh

                I love this domina head though That looks awesome Teliri!


                  Luv both the designs that are posted here, the Domina head designs are really amazing! I played the original Domina for a long time... then switched between her and the Hellion skins.

                  also really like the more Goth version that was posted, her crown of thorns, stitched body and fetishy outfit are a perfect fit!

                  Great work all!!
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