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Hellios Marauders (concept faction)

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    [CONCEPT ART] Hellios Marauders (concept faction)

    Here is a faction I am working on, kinda space pirate type criminals.

    I enjoy creating characters with backstories or flavor text associated with them. I plan on doing maybe 5 or 6 characters per faction, at least for my ideas. I understand if these are not as popular, but I enjoy having a variety of characters and I thought, what would I want to play as in a fps game, space pirates? hell yeah!

    (Hellios Marauders): Negotiating a deal to enter the tournament if and only if they stop their illegal practices, this ragtag group of modified space criminals used to scour the galaxy stealing and pillaging space freighters. Gear heads, skilled engineers, and pirates, the Hellios Marauders prefer to slap together their own armour for the tournament.



    The Galleon

    These are Work In Progress and not final colors, but I think you can see the idea. I will also refine their flag symbol, needs more bolts in it More to come! As well as other factions. I would like to eventually model and import them into the game.

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    Just in case you didn't know, UT 2k4 possess a faction which are space criminal scums and pirates, though they look like punks (Akin to Necromunda in Warhammer 40k) :


      Hi Darkloser,

      I am familiar with all the UT characters I thought I would try some different ideas, and I am hoping they fit in to the unreal universe. I have other factions I will post. I thought actual characters inspired by real pirates might be cool


        Glad to see you started a thread on these. Keep 'em coming!
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          Parts of these looks like Firefall concept art painted over haha


            Fun direction. I think you need to work on the names though. For example Ian Walters just sounds too regular. More like a news anchor or some character in Office Space than a tournament fighter.

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              You don't want a character named Henry James Forrester?!
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                I gave them nicknames, so in game, they would use the nicknames. I enjoyed the old UT character bios cause they were silly and fun. Giving them real names, I thought maybe people would relate to them, considering they are people. If it was an alien, then I guess I could understand. But I am not naming characters Buck Starfighter, or Brock Lightspeed. Ugh. The old characters, had nicknames, but had actual names in the bios sometimes. I was just trying to capture that. I think I am giving up on creating these guys, I had fun but the interest is not enough for me to get excited anymore, as I realize the ideas I think are cool, are cool to me, but not so much to anyone else. I have a feeling Unreal wants to go for the sporty gatorade look, which is cool, but not something I can do well yet. I liked the old grungy stuff, space miners that cussed, stuff like that. I get that times change, so I will just go back to mapping and stop stressing out about creating characters that don't fit into the new UT.


                  Name for this team more to fit "Koos Marauders". Information about this world we have in UT99. Would fit them


                    would be funny if one of them had a wooden leg or something

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