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[Model] Some robot thing I named 'Melissa Roux'

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    got the legs UVmapped and set up. all that's left at this point is the chestplate.
    As a side note, I'm atleast able to guage the final polycount: somewhere in the 25k-28k range. That's of course assuming I don't splurge on any other parts.


      Not necessarily related to the progress, but I worked with someone to have a 3D printed action figure of Melissa made.

      It's sorta melty, but for a first draft it's pretty good! all the articulation works out really well in physical form, and suprisingly the toes work and leg boosters fold out too!


        Gebloner that is really cool! Do most of those joints articulate?


          Originally posted by meowcatbuf View Post
          Gebloner that is really cool! Do most of those joints articulate?
          Yes! the joint range is actually very good, which I'm really suprised by. the foot joints actually bend, so she has a 'toe' of sorts.


            What a cool thing!

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              So yeah I forgot to post that I got through with texturing her torso like 2 weeks ago or something. I'll start on the legs once i finish some paintings for an art exhibit. Enjoy these for the time being.
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