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Skaarj Concept

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    Give an presentation :

    Other Head and no jacket, sharp Foot - nails .. green skin .


      Freaking awesome!


        was watching this... all it needs is the fangs and you got yourself a pretty badass skaarj head



          yep, it need only Cave eyes and the Wild boar tusks.. (and not to overdone)

          We need only one were make some skaarj (and other Liveforms for us)
          the bad on it, my english it's easy not well enough
          for lead an conversion with different 3D Art workers for bring in ,
          into our UT and at end into our Unreal Family for building well Skaarjs
          and other Monsters and Liveforms... maybe can you are to it, tell they easy,
          they Livforms what be created, can use in the UT and can be alive there
          with as avatars for the Gamers in the next 10 years, if they, as example on
          ZBrush, Deviantarts and other 3D Artworkers facilities, makes Livforms and give it us.. for playing, but first we need the Original Unreal1/UnrealTournament99 Monsterhunt Livforms.. and bring they are there in this forum ..

          and btw, Raphael Grasseti.. ooohhh jeea *g*

          the one from Jupiter Ascending, fits fully, if you read this..
          common, start or change you monsters.. and the Dragon fits there also, because, this Jupiter-Peoples, fits so far,
          not with live-energy from Humans, but with Tarydium Crystals on Na'pali, the Unreal Planet.., Also the 2legged Dragon, fit's because, in Unreal1 Beta was Dragons on it ! This work, fits and really nice done !
          So be the models also possible to be alive in the Game.. because, for the Trash, be they are simply too good !

          best regards
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            For my taste ...Skaarj should be able to talk and should have lips. They growl much but they also give commands.
            Ok ...this thread is fun I try my own Skaarj concept.

            I'm a cartoonist ...don't expect a Gooba-level kind of concept art.
            ,,|, addicted !!!


              Agreed with papercoffe
              Unofficial Enforcer Model
              Redesigning Enforcer Firemodes


                Ok ...this is just a fast sketch to get the feeling for this creature. The Skaarj was always a very dynamic and brutal fighter for me.
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                ,,|, addicted !!!


                  pretty well !
                  in any case better as my art ! my it's more Child, why i can not do concept ,
                  but me can better thinking in 3D room and in 3D realisms and in the next time i
                  don't know what's goes on because schooling, why i can not start up with learn
                  the Editor at moment..

                  But you have quite exactly met it !
                  if we make the spikes on the body from this..

                  and maybe an mix with the posting from Quotidian
                  the teeth with you model + Boar tusks ..

                  an bit painting on it with Gimp ... take a look :

                  securely looks pretty cool !

                  fast, strong and deadly
                  with the iron on the suit of armor makes an bit slower, how it's need, because,
                  otherwise, a player would have no chance ..

                  pretty **** good Pencil Drawing !

                  best regards
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                    Lots of really cool designs popping out.
                    I definitely prefer the leaner (thus more believable) concepts.
                    Over time concepts have become bulkier and more beast looking. Looking Nothing like a warrior, but more like a beast that a warrior has summoned.
                    I want to look at these guys and believe that they are capable of making the tech that they use.
                    Evolve them into a space-age, not devolve them back to the swamps.

                    I love the look of BlackCracks pic. It has a believability to it. It looks agile and powerful at the same time.
                    However he does look more like an officer, or loner rather than a team player. Even a rebel Skaarj.

                    PaperCoffee has it spot-on. The pose is showing us masses of muscular power, but in a package that can explode into action in a millisecond.

                    This brings me nicely to the fact that they are indeed a class based species, with very different breeds for different uses.
                    I think we will have room for other Skaarj designs beyond the standard player model.
                    But for now we need a Skaarj player that looks like it has the brains to enter itself into the Tournament, and the skill-set to climb the ladder.

                    Put it this way. If it was a movie, many of the Skaarj designs would be used for cannon-fodder Skaarj, not the ones organising the battle.
                    Imagine the last fight scene in an action film.
                    This character has to be fit for that fight scene.
                    Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


                      Hi Dr.Flay,

                      thank you very much but i have only play around with the Screenshoot from Raphael Grasetti's Monsters in direction of an Skaarj-head.
                      If you look 2-3 posts before, can you see the video on youtube from Raphael. (humm he should help there ! Definitive ! *g*)
                      But thank you for the Honour *curtsey*

                      and the aaron simps company , they have made jupiter ascending Video Pictured
                      but they Liveforms fits totally into Unreal.. and this Lizard it's the early stage from the Dragon, and the Dragons from this Movie ..
                      as the invasions liveforms on Na'Pali .. for let mining Tydirium .. fits totally

                      maybe a mix from Papercoffee's Painting and my picture manipulating it's maby the best from it..
                      and the body from the aaron simps company's Lizard , without the Jacked and green skin...

                      But anyone should make this Skaarj in 3D, if you know anyone, would it perfectly !

                      Best Regards
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                        That my friend is awesome. WD papercoffee.


                          Another fast sketch to see how the bone structure can work.
                          Skaarj are a selective breeding ...each created intentional for their task.
                          For the Weapon wielding Trooper are bigger tusk useless, because they can get into the sight.

                          Attached Files
                          ,,|, addicted !!!


                            Papercoffee, i have still you tell "it mus have lips" in my thinking .. humm, i have never hear an Skaarj
                            talking on Unreal or UT99MH and so on, they are Lizard like liveforms and be not so developed like humans..
                            and be still at the stage of grunts .. you don't need lips, if you want make an conversation with grunts because,
                            this can all be an think of tongue in your palate the thing over the tongue .. and if be behind the teeth an
                            membrane or something.. because the fluids from lizards.. don't need an lips .. imho..

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	bone01_Skaarj1.png
Views:	1
Size:	217.1 KB
ID:	337757 Click image for larger version

Name:	bone01_Skaarj-mandible-underjaw.png
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Size:	252.5 KB
ID:	337758

                            if we show the mandible, underjaw , look's this totally different..

                            i let you're Trooper's but let the Skaarj's with the green Skin, like it was in U1 (please)
                            the Babyhead make so .. un-horrorlike , if an helmed on it, okey, but the Green killerskaarj's mus have an lizardlike haed..
                            if you look the puppy syndrome / Cuteness want hold outside,
                            because the round Head in 2003/2004 , was fully **** .. (sorry, but i am only honest to you) but if an helmed on it,
                            okey, why not.. if you see an monster in front, would be an Babyface.. and this is it if we make it rounded.., really ... not good..

                            and who the hack say, to have some lizards an human skull ? The confused unknown anatomy experts ? *gnhh..*
                            therewith take it all the harmony of nature.. or how i can say it.. in any case should be a Lizard an lizard and not an warped human.
                            in this Direction it is the Human Scull where you have painted, totally wrong and distorted .. imho.

                            best regards
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                              Do you want a Skaarj or a Krall?

                              See? Two fangs and the tusks ...and the tusks are not that far back in the jaw like you mentioned in your edited picture.
                              It would be implausible to put tusks where the muscles for the jaw should be.

                              Lizards DO have lips!!
                              "Most" of the lizards nowadays are walking flat on all four feet
                              If you want a better example for a lizard like creature in an erected position, take Dinosaurs...

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                              ,,|, addicted !!!


                                Hi Papercoffee

                                you gave the best example, :

                                where be the tusks ..if i see right, then by side.. and between tooth and jawbone fits at bests ..
                                also to looks like an beast/monster .. if you want have in front.. look's like an Vamp in reverse type ..
                                reinforced eyeteeth ..

                                let it more look like a monsters where you see, what you let pierce and
                                the teeth should look like something like horror , creepy this is a game

                                and should be not directly explicable be, the most should be work in the brain..
                                what's does in the U1 and UT99MH .. but now have we the possible for make it more real..
                                but we should look to be it also in HD vor become an horror feeling an an scare what
                                it is obviously also planed in on U1 with the skaarjs and not an Babyface with tusks ..
                                Since we are still in agreement ? should not feel like an Cuteness .. should feel like an scary Skaarj where you mangled .
                                agreed ?

                                best regards

                                p.s.: for an bit history
                                and some pictures

                                and btw. some schreenshoots from return to Napali and the Skaarjs:
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