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    Wow this Skaarj sculpt is incredible, captures the ******* side of the Skaarj very well. I definitely agree with papercoffee about reclassifying the official Skaarj to a Skaarj Hybrid.
    Character Sketch

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      Thanks again all! I love the official model. Actually what I ended up doing with the model was heavily influenced by Epic's model so without it (and without Sly's PO) I guarantee I would have arrived at something else. The official model is red hot imo. I think Yem Yam said it already....the Skaarj race/look can vary humans vary greatly. Variety is the spice of life . As a fan I think it'd be cool to have a range of character looks to choose from even from within each race.

      Super stoked that Perna commented

      I did a bit of work on the model since the last post, but nothing dramatic. Sorry no new renders to show. I'm headed off to Disney with the fam for a week but I'll keep a close eye on the thread. Once I get back I'll get cranking again.

      Sly I'd love to see any ideas you may have with the dread trinkets. What I have was just a first pass to see if it'd fly but it definitely needs massaging for it to work. I was going to work on gear in concept model form soon but if anybody wants to do a paintover for clothing and armor stuffs by all means concept away. please. haha.


        Originally posted by Joeliepoo View Post
        The official model is red hot imo.
        I like it too ...but as a Skaarj Hybrid. (I mentioned this already, I'm a huge fan of the Hybrids and I want them back.)
        The official would be a great one.

        But for the pure Skaarj with Razik as weapons, I prefer your model.
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          Originally posted by Joeliepoo View Post
          Wuuut?! Sweet! Thanks guys for all of the praise and thanks Sly for your concept support. I'm super pumped to keep moving on this guy, gearing him up, texturing etc. for the game. I've got a Disney trip with the fam at the end of the week but I'll try to squeeze in a meaningful update before then. After that I'll not have much to show for a week or so until I get back).

          Thanks guys,

          What?? A Disney trip??
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            Really cool to see your work around here Joel! Looking forward for more! The skarj was also one of my favorite race on UT2004, really interested to see your next gen interpretion of it! Looks sweet so far! Keep rocking it!
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              Originally posted by M^uL View Post
              What?? A Disney trip??
              Don't confuse the two, please!

              I can't survive seeing a Skaarj with Mickey Mouse ears and dressed like him.
              Have you hugged a Skaarj today?



                Sorry no update yet guys....back from vaca but came home to crunch hours at work. It happens. I thought I'd post these though to keep the thread rolling. A quick PO, done by my friend Brandon Kitkouski, for mask variants. Thoughts?
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                  Originally posted by Joeliepoo View Post
                  I thought I'd post these though to keep the thread rolling. A quick PO, done by my friend Brandon Kitkouski, for mask variants. Thoughts?

                  Well, the one at the right is the most complete for me, look badass
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                    Hey Joel, I have some paintovers for you!
                    Sorry about these coming so late, life kept me busy.

                    These are the head ornaments/decorations that I think could work:

                    Note that the glowing version (3) is sort of experimental.

                    Here are some mask design variations:
                    1, 2 and 3:

                    1b, 2b and 3b:

                    and 4, 5 and 6:

                    Should have numbered them.
                    Tried to mix something that resembles the traditional Skaarj masks with the sweet mask designs you have made so far! Take whatever you like.
                    (Also, I hid the original Skaarj logo in the designs here)

                    Also note that 3(b) and 6 would work best if you make much smaller tusks or basically (literally) cut them off as Skaarj Troopers with these masks had relatively small tusks (as they were higher in hierarchy). This could also give you more possibilities to fill these spots with neatly designed mask layers.
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                      Hooooly cow, those glowing masks I want them so badly!! Great work



                        I've also been really busy lately. I've been feeling pretty bad about not posting. I love your mask paintovers! Thanks for posting those! When I did the original 3d sketch I was thinking the mask could be segmented into several interchangeable/swappable parts to get a lot of variation and possibly a lot of player customization. It'd be cool to be able to swap out the glowing eye lenses for ex. with different colors, lenses, or just turn them off to reveal the eyes.

                        It's also cool to see you hid the skaarj logo. I also tried doing that on the chin of the mask and the metal dread bits. Seems like we are on the same brainwave Your dread PO's look cool to btw. I think I like 2 and 5 the most. 2 would be even better if it had the same linear elements the 5 has tying together the metal bits.

                        I have a phobia of focusing on one thing for too long at a time so I'm currently trying to work out some clothing, armor, and gear for this Skaarj but when it's time to finish things up I'll revisit the mask and incorporate some of your designs for sure.

                        I'll try to post an update soon with some 3d sketches.


                          I like these sly, especially 1b, 4 and 5 on the masks. The right hand side ones are interesting but almost too xan'ish. Too pointy on top. Also the orange and green options suit the skaarj, but red and blue might be cool for team options.

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                            Thanks everyone!

                            Henrik, I derived that pointy design from the U1 Skaarj Trooper helmet. Maybe there's a better way in doing that one though, it's just a first pass of an idea at it and it could be worth getting back to that at some point when thinking about more helmet designs. For these I think red lenses go best though as Troopers had red lenses for their helmets, otherwise I am very fond of the green ones as a nod to original Skaarj eyes (which were glowing green). Plus points when being able to customize them via options and/or team colours, that would be what I would like to see.

                            Joeliepoo, I noticed that on the dread decorations, but I totally missed it on the chin of the masks. Now that I see it I have to say: Pretty nice touch!
                            My main thought behind the logo was that Skaarj are pretty "patriotic" and loyal, so a fair amount of usage of their symbol seems pretty logical to me. Especially if the dread decoration could be some kind of medal they get for their job it would make sense for it to be of that shape.
                            It'd be cool to be able to swap out the glowing eye lenses for ex. with different colors, lenses, or just turn them off to reveal the eyes.
                            I was hoping for you to say that and would have proposed it if you didn't! You won't have to worry about the lens colours - luckily - as that should be easy to implement via a parameter in the material, but having different lens types could be a good thing to start to think about. I only have posted one proposition in the paintovers after all.
                            I think best for Skaarj armor/clothing would probably be something with rounded elements, organic, less human-looking in origins. It could be worth checking some older designs for inspiration if you need some.

                            Also, you know what they say: Great minds think alike!
                            S l y .


                              really nice modell
                              in my oppinion the tail should be definitely longer


                                All I can say is "OH MY GOOOOOD THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUUUUUUL!!!!!"

                                'Cause they really are. Fantastic works, @Sly.!
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