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    Agreed with GreatEmerald. These are some quality works but I am definitely not getting the Skaarj vibe from them, primarily in the facial / skull structure. Capturing that feel while making use of the new tools and technology is part of the challenge as an artist.
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      Matt: looking ace chap.... I would consider thinning out the inside of the upper thighs a bit as they transition to the groin but he's coming on really well.

      Chris: Thanks very much I will noodle around with the head this weekend and see what happens based on the discussion so far...I will also do a refinement pass on the body just to tighten up the really sketchy parts if the proportions are good....onwards!

      Gooba: looks great man!

      GreatEmerald/Wail: lets see if we cant address that facial style a bit then and strike a balance between what the concept has and what the history of the race has laid down...tbh I expect that epic have their own plans for the Skaarj, but this is a fun exercise just to get some art out there



        Great stuff, but especially that teeth placement instantly gives an ogreish vibe which is imo a big no and also ears reads like fantasy creatures, isn't it? And yes, it's good someone pointed out that different Skaarj types exist. This one is more looks like reptilian breed. But the overly curvy spine reminds me of Krall rather than Skaarj, I think it's better to give it a bit more human-like posture though. I really liked it and excited by your art, keep it up!
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          Originally posted by Diode View Post
          On top of that, it's not really a Skaarj to me. They were always upright and proud just like their blatantly obvious inspiration - the Predator. The hunched back is cool for portraying something monstrous, but it makes them lose that prideful, noble look.

          I feel like a gigantic **** typing this because that model's beautiful, but it just doesn't seem right to me.
          Yep, that's right. I feel the same way

          Originally posted by Diode View Post
          characters should be accurately represented by the same hitbox.
          That's also something to consider. UT3 kralls for example have this problem when the actual hitbox quite didn't fit the in-game model and landing a headshot in side perspective requires some imagination.

          Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
          But yea, that means that variety has always been there, so you can't try and generalise that all Skaarj should be skinny or bulky.
          Also true, but they all have that specific skaarj silhouette. There is something which makes them look dominant in comparison to other species like brutes and slith. Even skaarj pupae looks quite insolent

          However, juggernauts for example was humans, right? So there's no reasons for entire race to have the exactly same look.

          Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
          makes me think of fantasy ogres, instead of the reptilian Skaarj
          That's quite precisely.

          Originally posted by Gooba View Post
          There's already some killer stuff going on here, but I had to take a crack at it.
          And that's awesome work, but it rather reminds me this guy:

          ...instead of this:

          Actually there wasn't too many references to the brutes in Unreal series... They seems to be the main heavy infantry of skaarj invasion forces, but there was almost no information about them in Unreal 2 and UT games. Kralls on the other hand was represented as weaker servants and later on in UT3 they took the role of bloodthirsty wardogs.
          Howbeit, those ones are fine on their side, but they're quite not related with skaarj image...

          I do not mean that it shuold be just exact HD copy of what we saw before, I just think that in core skaarj should be easily recognizable, without something "too wrong". I think it's nothing bad in more lizard-like limbs or skin plating, but the main lineament should still be straight & non-hunched pose and cold & confident face. Tusks also shouldn't look like horns, I think that the very first concept turned it in quite different direction, as there is clearly more horn-like pattern. I think it should be smooth, lower and a bit smaller.

          Anyway, keep it up!
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            I agree with forehead part too since they always had it in previous games.
            But variety is very welcome, of course! I like how skaarj warriors were so different compared to troopers - Warriors are more like beasts and Troopers like and use technology. And Warlord is rather a Trooper type
            Also UT99 hybrids quite resemble troopers from Unreal, while UT2004 skaarjs are basically warriors with weapons.

            I also like the idea of variety put on the tribe level. Like, every Queen has different-looking skaarjs in her tribe. Like Queen from Unreal 1 had skaarjs with smaller tusks and longer tails, while Queen of skaarj from UT2004 vice-versa. Now I guess there are some bulkier queens, and then some who are more or less spiky, or some are even winged... and so on


              Originally posted by Wolk View Post
              wow thats amazing! i like the concept. its a lot better as mine.
              I also like your version! It looks more agile. Your version has a round sculpt but I would prefer prickles on the neck like TeriyakiStyle. The little thorn at the back of feets has good scale. It allows more vertical movement and I bet this Skaarj can really high jump! Maybe there is a way to make a mixture somethink like the best out of two.
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                Wadaya know today was a national holiday in the Netherlands

                I tried to follow as many suggestions as possible based on the feedback that TeriyakiStyle got, and blend the posted concept with some of the older aspects of the Skaarj...this is where I am right now....thoughts?
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                  Certainly looks better! Although I'd like to see a variant that is even more foreheady, as at the moment the nose still sticks out. In fact, do you need a nose to begin with? Reptiles typically don't have any, they just have nostrils. Same with most Skaarj design I've seen.
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                    My opinion is:
                    - it's too muscled, it looks big, it shouldn't be mr olympia but a middle way between that and a UFC fighter (or with a body shaped just like the skaarj that Wolk designed)
                    - I would reduce its tusks' thickness and length to two thirds of it
                    - the tusks are too much wide, I would make them more convergent to the middle of its face
                    - I would not make the hair (is that hair? they look like antennas) all together in the same spot but evenly distributed over his head, still scarce though
                    - the teeth should look more thin and sharp, and teeth-bone of the lower side of its mouth should be more visible
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                      As a Skaarj fan and self-proclaimed Skaarj expert (which means I'm not an expert at all, incidentally. ), I'm digging this new Skaarj style. It reminds me of the changes that Epic made to the Krall, which were a nice take on the classic Unreal enemy. However, the thing I didn't like about them in UT3 was the way they talked. I'm imaging seth. and TeriyakiStyle's Skaarj to be tribal-looking yet highly intelligent creatures. I'd love it if the voice direction for them wasn't speaking in broken sentences like in UT3, or with a harsh, scratchy voice like in UT2004, but instead deep, booming voice with a sort of necris-like echo to it.

                      A thing to consider, though, is that the Skaarj live in highly technological tribes, as evidenced in the story for Unreal 1 and Unreal Championship 2. So really, I don't mind that they look like sort of like reptilian orcs because it fits their lore. But I agree, you could do some improvements in the facial region and the tail. But overall, I'm liking where this is going, and I look forward to playing as them in this new UT.
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                        Originally posted by BazzaBizz View Post
                        I'd love it if the voice direction for them wasn't speaking in broken sentences like in UT3, or with a harsh, scratchy voice like in UT2004, but instead deep, booming voice with a sort of necris-like echo to it.
                        Obviously. IIRC in UT2004 they used the Gen Mo'Kai voice pack. So only in UT1 did they have a proper Skaarj voice pack (and that just means grunts and growls from Unreal ).
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                          Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
                          Obviously. IIRC in UT2004 they used the Gen Mo'Kai voice pack. So only in UT1 did they have a proper Skaarj voice pack (and that just means grunts and growls from Unreal ).
                          ...That, and the taunts from the Male Soldier pack played at 50% speed. (if you activated the 50% gamespeed mutator on the PS2 version, ALL the male soldiers talked like Skaarj, because next to slowing down the game speed itself, it also slowed down the sound effects ). So even there, they didn't truly have their own voice pack.

                          EDIT: as for the Skaarj tusks, I think it would be interesting to play around with varying sizes of the tusks, which, just like in the real world animal realm (as is the case with, e.g., the horn sizes of wild goats), can serve as a means to identify the alpha male of the group.
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                            Not to be cynical, but I think the proposed Skaarj design is great work as a work of art, but I also agree with the people here that prefer a more preserved look with regards to the original Unreal or UT2004 (which was still fairly similar to the original idea). I think that if you derive an idea from the Skaarj to a substantial extent, it begins to lose the concept and just becomes a different creature. I guess what I mean to say is there comes a point where a model (take the UT3 Krall, for instance) changes entirely from its original (but in the case of the Krall it needed to be updated anyway). I think the new Skaarj should be something in between this: Click image for larger version

Name:	Sk1FT.png
Views:	2
Size:	262.7 KB
ID:	328805 and the new model. (The model shown made by Z_Enzyme).

                            There are a few reasons why I think this, but I think an important one that would resonate with the "classicists" here is that the proposed new model seems to lean towards a UT3 style (lots of variation with Gears of War style and a more macabre style (with regards to models like the Krall). It's no secret that UT3 had a "confused personality," or as CliffyB put it, an "identity crisis." So remember that UT4 should not be about furthering the ideas or motifs of UT3, but to revive the originality of the UT series, if you will.

                            In fact, how about this: go the extra mile and make multiple derivatives of the Skaarj like in UT2004. I think that would satisfy those that prefer an original look and those that prefer a variation.
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                              Seth, that's a fantastic closeup. Very cool to see where you are taking this. I hope you don't mind but I did a quick paintover of how I could see this progressing. I've been looking at Jays concept and also back at the original Skaarj from Unreal. I feel like we should be progressing with more of a hybrid between the two which is great. The biggest change I think is the nose. I feel like it makes him look too human or orcish. I tweaked it a bit so that it's more nostrils to give him a reptilian feel. I also removed the ears and shortened the tusks. I made the eyes a tad larger and broadened the brow to be more like the original. We will have all shapes and sizes of these creature so take the crits or leave them. Either way it's looking good.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	tweaks.jpg
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ID:	328806



                                Yeap, that looks cool Would be interesting to see the 45° shot.
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