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    Dude, stunning work. Hope to see this make it in the game!
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      Awesome work, Joel. I like the bulked up look a lot. He has that uruk hai bred for killing look to him. If I had a critique it'd be that some of his attachments are still a little too refined (boots) for my liking. I squeeze those bevels on his knee armor just a bit tighter to make them just a bit more angular (see Goob's paintover).

      Other than that, great work.
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        Those're just fiercely lovely!
        Originally posted by papercoffee View Post
        Even so He can't use his blades in the tournament
        Not yet. Maybe if they ever get UT4-Invasion working it can. The UT2004-Invasion has Unreal2 Skaarj in it that can, sort of, use their claws.
        Have you hugged a Skaarj today?



          Thanks for the feedback. I did make an attempt at modeling the kneepads, as shown in Goob's paintover, early on in the process of remodeling this guy. At that time it just didn't look right on him in 3d space. Now that I've made some progress on the surrounding elements I'll try again to make that kneepad more like the paintover and I'll re post with an updated renders soon. I'm really glad the community is digging the work!



            Looking great, man.

            Rick Kohler



              Originally posted by Joeliepoo View Post
              Hey all, I've posted a rough based on Gooba's PO. I'm focusing on the big and medium shapes here so please excuse the hackery of the meshes. Some parts are ripped from Garog (Epic's Skaarj model). I'm fairly happy with the direction of the model but please don't hesitate to critique. I've got more freetime coming up so I'm looking forward to wrapping this model up. If you all are happy with the design I'll get cranking on making this guy really high quality.

              Thanks all and Happy Thanksgiving!


              The above new paintover/model + a modified version of one of these really cool masks below (modified to fit the armblade and the new "boots" better)

              Originally posted by Sly. View Post

              ... would be awesome



                I'm down with doing a version of the above masks. Those are really cool! I was thinking of making one of those after I complete the Skaarj body. Time is hard to get a hold of but I'll get to the mask eventually.


                  At 21:17 this thread gets brought up and this amazing Skaarj, just a couple bits above here, is reviewed:
                  Have you hugged a Skaarj today?



                    amazing job but give them some larger tails


                      The tail length is set to the rig they are using for Garog (Epic's Skaarj). I'm not sure how much length "wiggle room" there is for the Skaarj rig and animations. I agree it might be cool to see different tail lengths in game. Personally I think Epic's Skaarj tail length strikes a nice balance. If the tail was much longer the look would probably warrant a Skaarj that does not stand so upright meaning I don't think a long tail work work so great on such an upright character. That's just my opinion though.

                      How long were you thinking the tail should be R.Riddick?
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                        The amount of effort put into this is amazing. This Skaarj is one of the best I've seen, really captures the brutal yet intelligent character. Details on the sculpt are looking incredible. Keep going!
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                          I hope we can unlock the skill in a Challenge


                            Hey UT folks! It's been a while since I have posted. I have been working on finishing up all of the armor and clothing for the "Brutal Skaarj" model and it's nearly finished (pending feedback of course). I'm not quite ready to post the entire model yet, but just so that you all know I'm still alive I'm posting some quick Keyshot renders of an updated body sculpt. Full body renders coming soon. I'm looking to post the rest of the progress early next week. I can't wait to get to the texturing phase! I know it's not much of an update yet but please provide whatever feedback you have.


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                              Oh and a friend and coworker of mine wondered where his nipples were and he felt like the model needed. Thoughts? nipples or no nipples? Big question Thanks


                                looking positively sick!

                                Hhhmmm good question about the nipples. Personally, I'd say no. Let's start from a biological standpoint: Looking at the skaarj queen, she appears to have eight "breasts" along her abdomen like an animal would if it produced a lot of offspring in a single litter:

                                HOWEVER, I really dont see the skaarj as a milk-producing race. Theyre too reptilian. I guess it can be argued that these are some sort of plated spikes for protection or something, I dunno.

                                Let's be perfectly honest, the skaarj are more than a little bit of a ripoff of the Predators, which don't appear to have nipples:

                                Most importantly though, I just think he'd look weird with nipples, and most of the time he'll have something covering his pectoral area up anyway. Human beings have 1 flat skin color over (most) of their body, and nipples break up that flatness. The skaarj have more colors all throughout their torso, so you have other things to break that up. Just look at the Pred.

                                That's my 2 cents.
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