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    NO nipples for sure, shouldn't even be a consideration. This is a creature, not a human. I'm tired of seeing humanoid references in every race. I'd rather see as little human characteristics as possible in all but human races of course. Let robots be robots, creatures be creatures and humans be humans...
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      I've never seen the Queen to have nipples ...she lays eggs. I thought this would be some kind of protection thing.
      *scratching head*

      For the Skaarj itself ...give 'em two nipples on each side!!

      Ok, now serious...
      I say leave them away. It would make them too sexy.
      ,,|, addicted !!!


        A quick question, why exactly did you put some kind of chest hair ? I hardly see why the Skaarj would possess it, they are of no value biologically speaking, and as they probably descend from some kind of weird looking lizard-insect, I don't think they inherited them in any way. It's not like us which descend from mammals.

        And I have the same opinion as BigFatErik about the nipples. We're not even certain the Skaarj Queen have a "real" breast.


          Originally posted by Darkloser View Post
          A quick question, why exactly did you put some kind of chest hair ? I hardly see why the Skaarj would possess it, they are of no value biologically speaking, and as they probably descend from some kind of weird looking lizard-insect, I don't think they inherited them in any way. It's not like us which descend from mammals.
          Good point there, agree. This is also the point where small details are starting to give dimishing returns and just feels overly cluttered. Gone with the hair part and it's perfect, it doesn't need more details IMO, gotta also think about that visual clarity aspect.

          All in all this Skaarj concept is mighty impressive though gotta say. Don't think Epic could have done this better, possibly worse. :P
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            The chest spines was just nodding to the needle-like protrusions on Predator's head. You can't see the hands but the hands also have a touch of them. I was just trying to break the surface up a bit. I admit it was an experimental thing but I think if scaled down and made less significant they could be cool. A minor detail anyways and I don't mind removing them if people don't like it.
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              the thing is that you placed them on part that probably isn't efficient. It could be explained on the head, the back, or the members, as it was used for defensive (or even offensive) biological mesure. But they hardly have any value placed on the chest, it's a point you try to avoid exposing, and so have generally less natural weapons.


                This is looking great, Joel! I'm still on the fence about the nipples. He certainly doesn't need them and I get that he's reptilian BUT... his torso is so anatomically correct to a male human's that it seems as if the nipple area is missing something... you know... a nipple. They wouldn't even have to be all crazy sculpted out or large, like a set of Rolo candies stuck to his chest,... just subtly implied. If his torso was full on reptilian segmented like a snake's or something then certainly going zero nip would be a no-brainer... but... like I said... since he's so humanoid it seem like they should be there in some fashion. Or... not... thumbs up either way!


                  Beautiful art Joeliepoo. I'm a no vote on the nipples.
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                    Originally posted by Joeliepoo View Post

                    Mind blowing work!!! As for the questions :

                    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO nipples plz.
                    2. The hair on the chest add some details for sure but your model is already detailed which doesn't need those tiny details to look better. It already look TOP as it is
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                      Wow, amazing job ! Your model look great !!!


                        Awesome work, Joel.

                        Rick Kohler



                          When's he in the game? Looks pretty beastly.
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                            Thanks for the feedback and praise guys. I'm working on another update that'll have all the rest of the highpoly elements. Wail....I can't wait to get this guy wrapped up and in game (if it gets approved). Unfortunately I can't work on this character full time. I wish I could but I have a lot of other things going on (work and family). Currently working some OT. I expect the lowpoly and texture phase to move along quicker. I'm squeezing as much time into this as I can. The community has been super supportive and my family has been especially supportive. Thanks for helping me to keep going on the model. I hope that, when all is said and done, the model is a significant contribution and hope that it will encourage those who haven't yet contributed to post on the UT forum.




                              we could make upper part of their head bigger and more rounded

                              i mean skaarj are known to be intelligent af, enslaving a lot of species, they build space travelling ships and motherships. their skulls could underline they are intelligent even though look ugly or intimidating to us. This is not a species that will claw and teeth it's way to survive in a jungle, they probably have scientists and social structure of their own, as to tournament participants they are the buff mean high testosterone part of their species seeking fortune in UT. In short heads could be rounder


                                Any updates on this? It's the model I'm probably looking forward to the most.

                                For some reason I have it stuck in my head that a REALLY cool accessory would be to have a shredded undergarment hanging out the top of a combat belt or something, like Ryu's shredded Gi costume in Street Fighter 4:

                                Imagine this shirtless skaarj flying at you with shredded clothes like this hanging from his waist (gi pants would be swapped out for something else). It could be anything - ceremonial clothing for some kind of skaarj initiation rite where a young skaarj warrior has to prove himself in a tournament setting, or maybe a shredded battle suit from an experienced warrior that took a few too many full-bore flak cannon shots to the chest.

                                I know "floppy bits" are practically outlawed, but it's just something to think about!!
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