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Character backstories...not art

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    Character backstories...not art

    Alright, I know it isn't art, but I didn't see anywhere else to throw this up. One of my favorite parts of the Unreal Tournament games were the stories that could be inferred from some of the character bios, even though they were all just a couple sentences or so. When I fragged bots, it felt like I was fragging actual people because of the humanity (and inhumanity) some of those fellas had.

    My favorite character was always Riker. He just seemed to have so much personality, with that nasty moustache and those dirty chops. The "tactics and style"/"creative improvisation" thing told me everything I needed to know about who he was. I had trouble accepting his whole blonde dreads phase, but I was still able to explain that away in my head by saying he lost a bet. I love this dude so much, I even wrote a page-long memoirs of sorts for him that covers the time from winning the tournament the first time all the way to today.

    Lame, I know. But the point is, that character had so much personality to me, and so do a lot of the others. I think they all deserve longer bios this time around, with an option to view them from the character selection screen, a la 2k4. Just a little more in-depth.

    The one I wrote for Riker is kind of a reflections type thing written from his point of view. It doesn't add anything to Riker's story other than giving background on events that we've all already witnessed throughout the games. I think this type of bio would be awesome for the characters, especially at a longer length of roughly one page of 12 point font. They don't really take a whole lot of time to do and I honestly think the game could benefit so much from having this little bit of personality added to every face within it.

    But maybe I'm wrong - I think a lot of people just want to play the game, shoot Flak Cannons and capture flags, not invest in characters. Am I the odd one out? Kinda just wanted to put this out there and see what the developers think.

    We have this sub-forum for everything UT history related.

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