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    ease of headshot

    One thing I disliked about UT2003/2004/3 was that many of the character designs made it very difficult to locate the head and successfully land a headshot, especially the juggernauts. One of the things that I remember from UT99 was that headshotting was quite...easy, which made it fun. That is because the head of the models had a defined neck and shoulders that weren't so high. I certainly think a return to these types of models, with reduced shoulder pads would be best.

    well one thing you might not have noticed is that with ut2k3/4 the head model collision box is so small that hitting the side of the head was a normal body shot and not a headshot. ut3 and ut99 had collision boxes that where a lot bigger then the head itself.
    about the supper high shoulders that hide the entire head. ye i agrea we should not have that.
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