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    Your art is cool, but personally it isn't how I perceive the MG in UT99.

    Based on the (few) piece of lore that we got for them, the first thing that came into my mind was the Eversor assassin from the Warhaamer 40k universe. They are cold blooded assasin with a neural controller (or something similar). A living killing machine with a remote control.
    They're probably fitted with something rather metallic because of the obvious affiliation with their team name, but also for some of the possible mechanic augmentations they got and their connection (even if it is somewhat unclear) with Xan and possibly the corupt. Or even Liandri in general (known for their works on the robots).
    I also think the "Guard" part is there for a good reason, they probably act as a kind of bodyguard and/or protector when not in the tournament (they can have a use outside the arena no ?). They're efficient killers, and obedient thanks to the neural restraints.

    For the posture, color shceme and ornaments I think they aren't so far from our today's royal guards :

    Fitted with an armor of course... But I can see them next to their "employer", standing at attention, but when you look into their eyes you can sense that psychotic murderer.

    To resume : An eversor assassin bodyguard with a metallic armor and a few (kind of) royal guard ornaments. Maybe some of them have cybernetics enhancements, but nothing drastic (a little part of metal, pipe or anything robot like visible just on a few part of his arm for exemple). Actually maybe they were something beetwen the simple superhuman soldier and the next-gen combat robot ? The corrupt might be the last creation in the cybernetic researchs, the MG being an earlier attempt ?

    This is just a personnal opinion. But maybe you can find some inspiration or keep some ideas in it.



      Crossbones from Captain America: Civil war.

      Face screams metal guard.
      The clothing and kevlar is actually most reminiscent to the UT99 metal guard.
      Something like that may actually make a good base model for the metal guard, and the player can further cusomize the character by choosing the pieces surface armor that goes over it.
      -And a ton of face plate and balaclava options would be GREAT.
      3D Artist looking for work.


        I think this looks great for a female metal guard. Maybe just needs a little more metal plates to alter the silhouette.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	denis-rybchak-denry-1-1-defender.jpg
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        I like this thinner, more high tech face plate here. Looks like it would have sensors and air filters and such. high tech.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	denis-rybchak-spy2-1.jpg
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        3D Artist looking for work.


          Click image for larger version

Name:	cgw_151221_srgb.jpg
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          Very cool.
          Just needs a ballistics mask!
          3D Artist looking for work.


            I agree! ;D

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