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    On the left, one of the best and most popular UT99 skin types

    In the middle... a bad guy from a korean manga?

    And on the right is... uhm... something else

    Please don't violate the metal guard, they've been through enough

    Do this and you'll have all of our thanks

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    I feel like moving away from the baroque, medieval-esque designs of these characters is losing an essential element of their character. My concern is based specifically on your concept images, which feature guys in plastic / kevlar armor, it's pretty apparent that the Metal Guard should be wearing metal and not sporty fitness/riot gear.

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    And that atomic warcow... just have to make it into the game

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    It'd be nice if the samaritan and infiltrator models (from Epic's tech demos) were in the game.

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  • started a topic [CONCEPT ART] Metal Guard

    Metal Guard

    My fav team from UT99, Xan Kriegor's....bodyguards I think they were.
    I really wanted to update their look and streamline them, make them a tad bit more sporty.
    Got rid of the royalty look from ut99 and the knight look from ut2k4.

    Traits I wanted to emulate from the team: (in this order)
    1: Elite
    2: Professionals
    3: Cold blooded
    4: Tactical
    5: Psychopathic but restrained/brainwashed (by Xan)
    7: Aggressive (just enough to chase you and only you across the map)
    Also got rid of the belt/pants to make them look taller, slimmer, more agile.

    For the "skin" part, I tried to show that they're in full body suits. Can be cut of at parts to look more cool (fingerless gloves, sleeveless bodysuit etc.)

    Wall of ref (cause I thoroughly enjoyed gathering refs for them).

    Will post armor studies and variation as I get more time.
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