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    [CONCEPT ART] Romulus concept

    Deleting stuff.
    Last edited by Bah_Mee; 02-11-2017, 03:17 PM.

    Hmm, it's hard to form an opinion when it's not coloured... At first it feels like it has too much detail, but then the detail comes from what is probably supposed to be leather. It will probably look much easier on the eyes with a colour contrast.

    For the background, Romulus is a mercenary that at least used to serve in Earth's 7th fleet. So it does make sense for him to have somewhat unorderly armour (albeit Satin and friends have very well-defined medium armour on).
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      yeah that was my first one, I was thinking exactly that, unorthodox armour. I will try some more just because!


        The look is good in my opinion, i would like bring to your attention the symmetric armor design your frontal view has.

        I'm loving the look of it and it gives off the Romulus vibe i have from 2k4.

        At the same time I'm a little puzzled about the symmetry, as far as i remember Romulus had asymmetric armor design
        I'm not 100% sure how much of it was asymmetric, but perhaps try incorporate it in some of your designs in general.

        I think i understand that asymmetric designs would take longer and perhaps more of an effort to draw out and think through.

        good work man, as i said, regardless of the fact if its asymmetric or not it gives the Romulus feel and i love it


          Yea I would love to see Romulus and Remus back into the game. I made another post about it because I didn't see this one and someone said "metal guard".. i think they meant Ironguard.. and I just saw a post about Lauren so I think they will add them as well.... hopefully


            Nice art =) I'm no artist so being obsessed with these twin models I could only hope someone would be into this =) Thank you!

            Your concept reminds me a bit of a Winter soldier somehow. Even I know it's a step away from original Romulus, maybe you should consider giving him a long hair as well? Just would be nice to have a choice =)

            P.S.: There is a thread with already finished HQ mask for Romulus - check this out!
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              Uh, interesting!

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                Originally posted by Bah_Mee
                W.I.P. romulus concept, I will also try Remus since they are twins.

                Personally i would reduce armor. Give them some kind of light suit like in Ut2k4. Imagine them using wingsuits or stuff like that.
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                  It's not that people are completely against different body types/shapes, but it raises concern about balance and fairness, as it can end up with forced model for everybody. Which would kind of be a shame with all the cool concept for models we got. Which is also why Epic have only one body type for every character right now and wish to stick to it.
                  Also, the community want to avoid part of UT3's style, which showed some bulky and oversized body for almost ALL characters, plus the grey tone that gave that unwanted "Gears of War" feel.

                  Aside from these two points, I think that different bodies are welcomed, and is a way to distinguish factions and characters (Like the Juggernauts).
                  People will probably have different opinion about how something "should" look, for sure, but it is because even beetwen the different UT, we got totally different appearance for the same characters (Look at the Necris) and hardly a clear line we can follow. The lack of a more develloped story or lore isn't helping that much either. So depending on which Unreal you preferred, you can have a totally different vision.
                  Yet in any game, people will have expectations. So don't stop just because a few people don't have the same idea as you, just try to build it like you imagine it, eventually get some feedbacks (the one that seems the more consistent to you), but still get a clear line of what YOU want. In the end if people don't like it, they'll just don't use it.

                  Romulus and Remus only appeared once in the whole series, so they aren't the one that will divive the opinion that much I believe.