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    Originally posted by Mnich View Post
    It depends on when UT4 will take place. Sapphire is 27 in Unreal Tournament 2004. She is 39 in Unreal Championship 2 (which is set after ut3). So if UT4 will take place after UT3 then she will be around 35. Just look at her (uc2) :

    Yeah I figured she was older in UC2 but you can see that she doesnt even really look 39, sure beauty treatments might have got better in the future but this is a bloodsport where killing your opponent earns you points. I just think a woman like Sapphire who isnt particularly large in terms of body mass would have got through more on her brains than her looks, I mean you could try "dont shoot me Im a pretty girl" but I dont think it'd fly with most contenders.

    I just think UC1 did it best with the Juggernaut females, they were mean, looked like they could take a beating and still quite feminine. If I were look to inspiration, Id probably look at women who compete in MMA, what their body types are like, and other sports as well ofcoarse but you have to imagine running around with a loaded rocket launcher would take atleast abit of brawn.
    Upon release, Unreal Tournament 2004 was met with widespread critical acclaim. Several critics praised the unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as its main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities.


      Sapphire and Satin were some of my favorite characters in 2004.

      The first version is good, I like it. I didn't like the second's hair at all. Honestly, I like the UC2 character's hairstyle best. Maybe try using that style, but with dark hair. Also, the second version is too clunky-looking; the anatomy seems a little off.

      I appreciate the first one's realistic proportions. You can definitely tell the legs and hips are female just from the silhouette. The unarmored legs help with that, keep those. But you could make the breasts just a little bigger without it being ridiculous. Also, they're too high on her chest.

      Keep it up, Bah. I love your work.
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        ty Nick!

        Yeah I was experimenting, its all a learning process! I have never played UC2 so I am unfamiliar with that incarnation, I will research that for sure!


          Looking good Bah. Keep it up :+)


            It seems to me that the Sapphire Aberiu looks much better.
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              Originally posted by Raixs View Post
              It seems to me that the Sapphire Aberiu looks much better.
              love this version, great job!
              (not into the one before, sorry)


                I think one of the main characteristics of the Sapphire's face is rather round chinline. Making sharp bone structure on the face doesn't really help it imo. bah_mee you're doing my favorite characters in ut2004, that's great. Don't get me wrong but I think your drawings are x100 better than your colored works. When you start coloring stage it's not a new iteration, or something new. It would be a lot more convenient to iterate on pencil only, and not only full body shots but also some face and/or localized closeups would be a thing I'm interested in to see. Wish I could draw human/humanoid but I can't, only mechanical stuff which I can draw but im also suck at it anyway :P


                  Round chinline?

                  ʕ ´ ل͜ ´ ʔ


                    thats wierd. In my vision of her this avatar image comes to my mind.

                    In this picture her facial features doesn't look bony and protruded, to me at least.
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