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    Sorry but unfortunetly Dragon Ball is not fit to unreal tournament. DBZ is another really different world and topic. You don't should mix DBZ with UT, it would be the worst Ut ever.


      Whats the problem?
      Already UT2004 had irokesy styles
      only DBZ just mixes these with arabic/asiatic
      like desert clothing whats strange and would
      fit well in a game that plays on distant planets.
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        I definitely get tired of the "bigger is better" philosophy with armor here. Lighter, less bulky armors are somewhat better than an armor which makes the player look like a robot. Running around as Malcolm, I don't want to look like a robot, but a tournament superstar with style. The best ones I see with armor are Aliberu's, and most of theirs are 2k4 ports.

        I sorta wish there would be more people trying the "less is more" approach with armor. After all, would it make sense for a dude wearing 250 pounds of armor and another 40 in weapons to perform the moves we do in UT?
        Change for the worse, and you regret every moment.
        Change for the better, and you can't live without it.
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          Remember UT99 - Raw Steel - almost
          no armor at all but still great gladiators!
          Did you btw know turbans and also the robes
          were made of sort of cut and maybe pierce
          resistant silk and served as great armors?
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            Originally posted by Tidal Blast
            Yeah man, I'd really like us to flesh out more factions of the UT universe. It would be great to have characters, combat ready, with more clothes or simply less armor. I really did not like most of the gothic armors in UT3, that really turned me off...

            coooll, the fully Monsterhunters who have survived !

            best regards

            p.s. cool pictures, i looove it !


              Planet Raider

              Fresh characters for the new UT:

              P.S.: I must repeat - im not a 3D modeler
              so who likes is more than welcome to work
              with the designs!
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