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    I don't think so. They showed some basic concept sketches in a dev video not too long ago, but as far I know nothing has been confirmed about his look yet


      that malcolm is 100% spot on ^


        Loving your designs! Melcom is the bomb and m feeling xan too with the added mouth guard, personally would like to see him a little more blocky, rugged.
        Keep up good work love it


          Originally posted by Axis_Zaibot View Post
          OK, here is the new face, thanks to Hi ban and g4macdad for the idea.

          Wow, love your designs, This Xan & Malcolm should be taken like this and put in the game, they're awesome.

          Do you maybe have a 1920x1080 version of the image above? I'd love to have this as a bg


            I really like your first posted skins! i think they should fit! no need for changes!


              I like your designs so far. The colourfulness remember me the first chapters of ut ,even if I believe the game is being set on a different palette of colors that can be totally adapted on the production model.

              My only concerns are with robot characters that in my opinion silhouettewise are too much human with any visual cue of their "robotness".

              Also a bit detailwise they look to be in the same design language of human characters and armors (they also have 5 human shaped fingers).

              For a robot race I expect to see:

              -Even just one silhouette detail that makes evident at any distance that it isn't a human in costume.

              -Different fabrication and materials indicating that who makes them doesn't even make human armors/clothings

              -Unique functional detail that underlines that they doesn't move on muscles, but through some kind of fancy technology

              -Possibly evidence of running by some kind of energy needing to traverse their body.

              I didn't love excessively ut3 robots, but they have these features.
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                  I'm not a big fan of thin torso robots, but otherwise, it looks fine ! Maybe just a bit more rust, he's old now...
                  Also I'm not sure for lights (except eyes). Seems this was some UT3 tendance...
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                    All of these look amazing. Good job. I hope they get imported into the game.


                      A lot of potential!

                      The latest Corrupt concept is a lot interesting, too!

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                        ^^ thanks for bumping the thread, you two. I just combed through it for the first time and I gotta say that all these concepts look amazing. I'd love to see this style in-game, and I'd definitely buy a few of them if I had the chance.
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