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    [CONCEPT ART] Characters concept. Human warrior

    Hello everybody,

    It is my first post here.
    I am student in a video game school in France which is called the ENJMIN. I am specialized in the design of character and I take advantage of this opportunity offered by EPIC to test my skills and learn new things with the community.

    I decided to draw a series of character in light armor which is a little bit different from unreal's warriors in heavy armors not enough organic and colorful to me.

    It could be an interesting way, i think that current warriors in videogame are always design to be "badass" and miss some subtility.

    Here, you can see two soldiers who can be in the same army.

    And an other one more funny, which looks like an Indian soldier.

    Do not hesitate to express me your opinion on my work.

    All the comment are useful to progress ^^

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    why the hack so big shoes ??
    in UT3(2007) also, all Peoples have so **** big shoes..
    it's disturbs me, really *g* it's feels like, they have an
    jump ans run like Dinosaurus .... really heavy

    best regards


      Blackcrack, I'm actually wondering that people criticize big shoes in the franchise. They've always been part of it except for the very first UT where it was more realistic with most characters, but even there you had exceptions. Simply looking at the warmachines and Xan there. I would agree that the right one's shoes are a bit exaggerated though, the left one's are fine though, that's pretty much Unreal1-sized.

      Now more regarding the concepts:
      I like the first two, the right one especially.
      The right one looks more like what I would see as a futuristic spaceminer than a soldier though, maybe you could modify him? As mentioned before, the boots might be too big even for the franchise, so scaling them down is definitely required I feel. Turning this person into a spaceminer would even fit into the lore, I always wondered why there never was a pure space miner team considering the Grand Tournament originated from illegal underground tournaments among them to vent some aggressions so that they don't wreck the mines.

      I feel that the left one could need something on top of his chest, a thin armor of some sorts maybe, like a belt, diagonally across his chest with ammo attached to it. Just an idea. I like the asymmetry in this one, so I'd suggest to keep this asymmetric design choice!

      The third character is imo the least suiting one. It looks more like it could fit to the bunch of maniacs from Bulletstorm rather than being an UT character. With some tweaks into the rebel/punk direction, it might suit the Hellions though, but currently, it looks a bit too tribal.

      What I like a lot in your concepts is that all of them are immediately recognizable simply by the face, not even necessarily by what they were. If you gut the face out and show them and they had some names, I could name them after a short while. This is something that I'd consider rare.

      Back then, distinct facial features were hard to achieve with low amounts of polys and UT3 simply gave most males the Gears of War broad facial features and the females those beauty-doll-looks (sort of) and it ended up having even less outstanding characters. It would be great to see some more individuality in the face/headshape area of characters for a change!

      PS: And welcome to the forum!
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      S l y .


        The combination of the battle armor and formal military suit in the first picture looks pretty awkward, and the guy in the second picture could probably use a little more armor on the upper part of his body. The costume for the tribal guy might work on a Nali fighter just as long as it's reworked to look better while keeping the same general shape and theme.


          Originally posted by blackcrack View Post
          why the hack so big shoes ??
          In ut3(2007) also, all peoples have so **** big shoes..
          It's disturbs me, really *g* it's feels like, they have an
          jump ans run like dinosaurus .... Really heavy

          best regards
          i love big shoes!!!!!!!! Don't hate!
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            Interesting style... The first two could fit the overall Thunder Crash aesthetic, although I feel that they should have some more futuristic features. As it is they could almost be from the present.
            I could also imagine the third guy in the tournament. Not a whole team, but an an independent personality, kind of a Chakotay who decided to follow the path of his ancestors, but has to live in the future world.

            By the way, funny how the first guy has almost all of the stock French stereotype characteristics He only needs a baguette
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              These are sick! I like the black guy especially. I like the big boots that look like they would actually serve a utility within the game(helping the character perform various movements). The other two need a little extra something special to make them more bad ***, less generic.
              If Xan isn't in UT4, I'm not playing it.


                Thanks for the reply.
                I want the first guy to look like a good frenchie. I was inspired by the French resistance during world war two. I wondered if that could be cool if i mix it with the graphic style of unreal tournament.
                I'm working on an other picture of him you will like probably.


                  Thank you Sly and all of you for your comments.
                  It's important for progressing to know what others people think of your work. I recognize that the third guy is too far away from the graphic style of unreal tournament. I try to propose new way of reflexion but it is important to preserve the identity of the game. It's good to see an opened and available community.
                  I think that big shoes contribute to the identity of unreal tournament that's why I got back this graphic code in my warriors.
                  I am very attached to the face and silhouette which form the personality of my character.

                  I'm going to make new concept art by listening your remarks.


                    Very nice !
                    The first character remind me a bit Sarrano in Bulletstorm ^_^
                    And the third character is nice for the Nali theme IMO.


                      I do have to wonder 'bout them shoes, but other than that, I like 'em!


                        I'd actually like all three characters though the third should add
                        a little more punk tribal mix but not too much tribal IMO.

                        But I love the fist two, suits perfectly in the tournament.
                        You did an awesome concept though.
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