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    Want to join a steam group that regularly plays Unreal Tournament, UT2004, and Jedi Knight?
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    I'm a Skaarj fanatic, so what I'd most like to see is one or more Skaarj models that are true to the spirit of the original Skaarj from Unreal (specifically the Warrior class). The strange hunched over, gangle creatures I've seen around here barely resemble Skaarj at all, and are completely missing the 'insect' aspect of the Skaarj concept. As I posted in the other thread, my 'ideal' Skaarj model would be pretty much a carbon copy of this concept from Unreal 2 (what an extraordinarily talented concept artist too):

    In my opinion, that concept avoids all the pitfalls or the post-Unreal Skaarj we've seen over the years (bulldog Skaarj, gorilla/ape-like Skaarj, fish-man Skaarj, etc.). It depicts a proud, upright Skaarj that fuses reptilian and insectile characteristics.

    Other than Skaarj, I'd like to see human characters that are actually proportioned like real humans. I'm referring to 'standard' humans here, not Juggernaughts (which never interested me). I'm thinking especially of the female models. It's clear that the age of barbie-proportioned females in video games is over (I mean, Lara Croft finally became human in 2013 - that's got to mean something), and if we could get female models that not only look like humans, but actually look like athletic humans, that would be great. When it comes to armour/garb, it would be nice to steer away from the overly bulky stuff in Gears/UT3. I really hope we get some good Nakhti skins!

    The only other class I'm really interested in are the robot characters, and I'd like to see more like those introduced in UT2003. I thought those bots looked really unique, not just like re-skinned humans, and not weird and ungainly like the UT3 ones either.
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      my direction it is also the whole skaarj's but please not the Human breed , because, an Skaarj it's all other as an Human
      (this is not an human, this is an upright walking Alien (and i like it also) an Human like , look's other *s*),
      it's a beast, monster, in direction of Ape, in direction of Fish-ape and like the Skaarj-Snipers and something ..
      but more moddern, and what i am miss very, be the Titans, the Queen's and Pupae's and not in the old form, maybe more.. uaahhh.. monsterlike ..
      and apropo monster.. animal.. Birds, Fishes.. (and maybe crickets, bugs and rat's and other insects who make it alive)
      and all what's what it represents the Game Unreal because Unreal Tournament was just formed from a single player game ..
      in direction of 99 / 98 -U1 ... this is unreal and not.. Unreal 2003 and 2004 .. and the UT2007 it's sooo huge .. and the proportions so big (Exaggerated/Exorbitant ....) like my feeling my told.. or something.. Huge levels very nice(i like it), but the proportions mus be match !

      You must be more remembered and a modern form of unreal 1 create but with multiplayer .. and all more modern..
      and diffrent Mod's for 1:1, Capture the Flag, Snipering and other Game modus ..

      this , yes, this should be create.. first an Unreal 1 in Modern Form's and with Multiplayer, then the mod's .. and addons

      best regards
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        What ~SS~ said As of aliens, along with Skaarj I'd really love to see another alien race like Gen Mo'Kai, Krall or Nali, or even hybrids. Simplest reason I can give is variety, but I don't want to see it overdone in any aspect. So two alien races wouldn't overdo it imo.
        I'd also love to see nicely done human female characters, again as SS said, which would rather look like athletic arena warriors than anorexic models. And no flower girl faces. I love the tough or even scarry look on warrior's faces. I think it gives them some feel and personality. And as of their armors, I'd prefer some real armor rather than bikinis, corsets, or whatever is focusing on 'attributes' rather than design overall.
        I wouldn't mind exceptions as long as there are 'normal' characters like this.
        As of robots, I'd like to see them more in UT2k3 or UT3 style than lame human-shaped ones from UT2k4 (Xan was fine though). Warmachines as apart faction would be fine, but robots should have their own faction too and they shouldn't look so human like aliens shouldn't. That cold machine look they had in UT2k3 gave them more, eh, personality than any human-sized doll will ever have. They are here to kill and terrify rather than for looks, but they looked quite nice to me - plus their designs require more attention and work rather than just putting two breas ts on sort-of-metal-girl and calling that a robot.
        I personally have nothing against bulky chars or Juggernauts, wouldn't use them very much, but they should be there. For variety's sake.

        Overall I'd love to see major old factions return, but I wouldn't mind something new either.
        Key word - variety.


          Robotic / AI characters are a must , joints must have moving components as polygon count can increase now that consoles are not limiting the development of this game.

          Humanoid characters must also have moving pieces of clothing/armor (long hair, capes, pieces of blood soaked cloth as a bandage on wounds with the ends moving about as they run, posibilities are limitless). Armor shouldn't be glued/painted on the character but should give a sense that it is worn and has it's own weight.


            I noticed a crucial change in the designs of the new UTs!
            While in UT99 all characters still looked awesomely perfect
            in Ut2k4 few were already boring and in UT3 even nasty.
            This is a trend which absolutely must fall and the awesome-
            ness return also if its not that easy and all.
            Probably the reasons are because the original artists were
            more fanatics and the art working itself grew immensily complex.
            This again leads me to the point that simple but more perfected
            graphics somehow also stay more preferable.
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            GOod STUff HERe <<


              One thing I want to see in the next UT is variety. Having a character to suit all tastes and preferences. Light armor, Juggernaut, Combat Drone, Assassin, Skaarj and Krall, and other widespread races and factions.

              As for a more general approach, characters should have healthy realism. The grime and grit of UT3 was horrible, and a lack of variety prompted me to look for character mods. 2k4 was cartoony, but hey, if that was an issue, I wouldn't be playing it 10 years later! 99 was a bit sexualized with the female skins, but had adequate quality for its age. The UT99 approach is probably the best to do, minus sexualized female skins. Customization in both skin and model would be great to add, and would make characters immensely unique, especially if 20-30 choices are available per joint and independent legs and arms (left arm normal, right arm robot) was a choice.

              I play a lot as the robots, so good robot designs are a necessity to me. 2k3's Combat Drones were a great selection, especially Syzygy and Corrosion. 2k4's She-bots was something I wish was tried a bit more, though it is true robots are technically genderless. Though I love the inhuman look for bots, UT3 was horrible with their bots, maybe because they were way too... Inhuman and strange, even for robots.
              Change for the worse, and you regret every moment.
              Change for the better, and you can't live without it.
              Having the will to embrace change is the real challenge.
              --Captain Crit


                maybe should it give an Skin-creator in the Game, where change the Head's, Face's,hair's,
                the sleeve, Hands, Legs, shoes and make it possible for adding addons and parts..
                and then make it possible for upload the skin-composition for downloading the
                composition-script and let show the User, the Player composition,
                and should also possible to use an UT3 Skin and more newer Skins ..
                It exists so much skins in UT3, but should only makes with more polygons and more high resolution,
                like it possible with the newer graficards.. this game should playing in the next 10 Years, i can remember,
                at that time I had a Voodoo3 with 4mb .. and now 610TG with.. 2GB !!!! (holysh..) and UT is VR Supported ..
                Maybe do we have an 3D-Screen in 10-20 Years where makes the Room to an UT MAP ?
                hummm.. all it's possible, if Pizzahut not Collaborating with Microsoft ! *giggle*

                but, back to the topic.. it's should be possible to make his own Avatar , like something :

                for create an Human player and something for an moster maybe :
       Creature Creator
                (for creating Creatoures where lives in Earth (like big worms, aggressive mull)/on Earth, in Water, in Fire and in the Air)

                the spore creator but directly in the UT-Game like just the Human creator.

                An Human Creator and an Creature Creator in Unreal,
                it is may not bad approach ..
                and an Skin-DB where be listed the best Creatures/Humans -Skins for Unreal ,
                for download the Skins for peoples who want not create his own Skins
                and just want to use other skins only...

                but in this direction make it easy possible for making/creating an collections of Monsters, Aliens,
                and many others .. for using in the Maps ..

                just easy Unreal ..

                best regards
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                  Theres plenty any UT fan can say to the designs, most have also covered the popular parts already.
                  More authentic Skaarj, Nali Priests plz, Old school iris-less "dead" Necris, WARCOW!!!!! etc. Great cool list and as the panel was discussing about the art style and design i thought maybe suggesting a couple of things.
                  1)Ability to switch texture detail to solid colors to increase readability. Now i dnt mean low res-ing them, the band textures look worse. But just replacing the texture space with the solid color underneath. It would be a must for competetive gaming and also pretty usefull for those low spec labtops one gets stuck with in office.
                  2)No GeOW like proportions. "Heavy" characters have their appeal but they become sorta the norm and felt pretty annoying to look at.
                  3)Lets loose the "armors on everyone" concept from UT3, or atleast same style armor on everyone. Some naked Skaarj won't kill realism all too much.
                  4)Weaker spec on everything. Bloom on everything is annoying outside a screenshot.

                  Think other ppl would've covered these points as lot of UT fans i talked with wanted the same stuff. Its like a vote up.


                    something to consider when thinking about all the variety of models i see in this subforum is, that competitive gameplay requires a simple subset of animations and collusion. when i think about the early days of ut2k3 with all its different characters, one of the first things the community did was defining a default model for league and cup-games. the issue behind all this was an overload of different animations and models that were imbalanced in many cases.

                    i think there should at least be an option to limit the variation of character models for your pov.
                    i dont care if people wanna play a warcow or add custom models from the market, but do not overwhelm us with a huge variety, simply nail a few and done. i might be biased, but ut99 nailed it pretty much.


                      My personal opinions...

                      1) Necris looking more like zombie cyborgs than goth vampires. Goth vampires look odd in a sci-fi setting? But maybe it's just me.

                      2) Liandri robots looking like, well, robots. Unreal Tournament 3 got this right. I want robots that look like robots, not humanoid androids.

                      3) Aliens looking like aliens. Well dhu!


                        It would be neat to see a set of character designs based off of police-like forces like riot officers and all that.


                          Gears of War is one of the best artistically designed game ever. I would like to see COG type characters and UT 3 type stuff. The Skaarj and Thrall in UT 3 kinda sucked though. Move back on thrall and skaarj but forward on everything else.


                            Originally posted by g4macdad View Post
                            Gears of War is one of the best artistically designed game ever. I would like to see COG type characters and UT 3 type stuff. The Skaarj and Thrall in UT 3 kinda sucked though. Move back on thrall and skaarj but forward on everything else.
                            Really? You want to have women had huge humps on their backs. And all run as gopniks? No, a new tournament that does not happen. This is well seen by the majority of arts.


                              hummm.. the huge humps should be the breasts *giggle*

                              best regards