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    I have always wanted "character damage". Where the model reflects the health levels... Limping/gored/pieces of flesh missing on the model ETC.... I don't want it to be game play altering (slower models/worse accuracy when hurt). But battle damaged models would be glorious. Even physics driven "gibbing" imagine a non-lethal but super effective sniper shot blowing a chunk of flesh off a model. I know this means rebooting all the models and spent a crazy amount of time. But if level details are done down to the flame particles why cant character damage. And yes healing would instantly "fix a damaged model".


      I think it's important to keep stressing the "variety is key" bit while keeping a sane baseline for each overarching character class. Let the neckbeards have their Gor-looking girls, just keep the majority dressed like they're actually in the Tournament to kick *** and make fat stacks of cash. Let the purists have their ugly, plant-looking Skaarj, but don't get whiny if people bring up really out-there alien concepts or talking animal people, 'cause it's a big freaking galaxy out there. Let the [everyone who likes robots/androids] have [every kind of robot/android they want], 'cause different companies and different product lines cater to different needs and wants, and considering most robots don't have very complex physiology (if they have physiology at all) there's no need to limit what they can look like--or how they identify or don't identify, for that matter, since in a universe like Unreal it's widely known that there are hundreds of both sentient and non-sentient machines running around, many of which are based off of living people. Let the cartoonists have their cartoony characters (that's best suited to robots, though, for the reason stated above) and let the Twilight enthusiasts have their space goth, but try to keep the average joe/joette/joe-of-the-genderless-void/joephrodite more or less realistic in body structure and method of dress.

      Variety and realism can work together pretty well if you don't polarize yourself and become convinced that your way of doing it is the only right way.