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    I do think that Juggernauts should have a humanoid silhouette, that is, the backs of their heads should be visible from behind. I don't think it's worth introducing place-specific damage is a good idea just to fit a model.

    Oh, and you have flappy bits there. I'm not sure you should, because they may not exist in the game (or worse, exist but be glitchy like in UT3).

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  • started a topic [CONCEPT ART] Juggernaut Ideas

    Juggernaut Ideas

    first i think this should be a spot to post all the juggernaut ideas, not just mine.

    also i dont think 'just praise' is helpful, i think we need to talk about what u like AND WHY, then what you recommend AND WHY, and if possible references to cool juggernauts inspiring pics.

    with that said, im gonna post my 2 hour quick drawing. theres a lot i dont like about it (super sloppy, but thats my style... yep... lazy is a style), but i wanna see what kinda discussions that can come from it.

    the pose blows, and his legs feel either too short or too skinny. (i figure bulky legs feel more 'Juggernauty')

    As far as asset wise, i think a game with various skeletons would be alot more interesting than every character being the same height and build. i think this guy could be (and in my opinion should be) BULKIER.

    Similarly what do yall think of different character races having different movements and gameplay effects??

    (WARNING...this may open a whole bag of NOPE) like for example juggernauts could be slower, maybe 50% more health, and cant be HEADSHOT from behind?? in the tournament it would make one round facing an all Human team, and then the next round of fighting an all Juggernaut team very different gameplay... just a thought.

    So lets talk about what we want.... thoughts?
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