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Why not add cool, cute, hip, attractive characters?

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    Why not add cool, cute, hip, attractive characters?

    All the characters in UT currently have that tough warrior look which might appeal to some but I think having more variety would help attract more players. In games like overwatch, QC, and paragon to name a few there are hip looking characters that are also pretty or handsome. Some may have a stylish outfit or bright colored hair. When my niece first tried overwatch she went strait to D.Va not caring what her abilities or weapons were and is still her main. She said she looks pretty and that was enough for her. Why not have some characters in UT that people wished they looked more like, I think this approach is quite common in character development for gaming as well as other forms of entertaiment. Such characters are better for click bait as well imo.

    also i havent played all the UT's(just 99 and the current) but I dont recall there being any asian looking characters. It would be cool if one or more was added in ut4.
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    Because all 3D designers from Epic have gone off to make a senseless and boring Paragon. Instead of a cult continuation of their main franchise, Epic decided to make a parody on Smite. Deal with it. God, when the time for parodies, survival, early access and degradation of ideas will end?


      I think more variety is a really good factor in character design, but I also think UT characters has to maintain a certain maturity. It doesn't mean that a mature character necessarely has to be both dark and brutal: for instance there are Nyx, Anarky and Slash from Quake Champions, who are extrovert in their style while maintaining a certain maturity.

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        Note that the Unreal Universe is extremely gruesome and mature. Even if they add characters that are less... brutish or warrior like, they still have some dark part in their identity. As an exemple I can think of the character called Sapphire, which is actually depicted as a very sexy and attractive girl, and showing a less savage side than other competitors. Yet she is vicious, and enjoy playing with her opponents before tearing them to shred in the arena right after teasing them.

        I highly doubt a "cute" character similar to what OW possess will do very well in this kind of environment. It will look out of place.

        Yet I agree that the current characters looks rather bland in UT4, but they did have unique people previously in the franchise. Malcom is probably the most well known. So they could do "heroes" like characters (on a cosmetic side only).
        I don't recall any real asian looking characters, but the asian theme, more specifically the japanese one, was explored in UT3 mainly. There was maps with japanese buildings and gardens, a team called the Ronins, and afiliated with the Izanagi Corporation (I believe you can guess where lies the origin of this corp). That's the closest to asian we got so far.