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    Delete Please

    I cannot delete threads anymore? Please delete this.
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    Just a quick reminder for you to avoid repeating things that are already present in Unreal or making some mistakes :

    Pretty much everybody is augmented or at least trained enough so it's not "unfair". Aside from a few special cases most competitor can make full use of their advantages. It is even a norm as it is how most companies try to sell their... products (Axon with the juggernauts for exemple). Plus cheating is not unheard of. You even have one case in UC2 where Anubis fight in a DM against Sapphire and Hyena decides to team up against him.
    Also there's wide gap beetwen the factions technologically speaking. Necris and Skaarj are generally more advanced than humans. So don't worry too much about the "unfairness" side of things.

    There's actually a team nicknamed Nightmare in UT2k4 (altho their official name is Black Legion, but it overlap with a Necris team that possess this name already). They're a bunch of freaks which backgrounds is basically "Frankenstein's monster made by Liandri instead". They're experiments with a lot of cybernetics and biological engineering which are more or less succesful. It is unknown however if they were "willing" subjects. check them here :

    There's also a team called the Corrupt made of cybernetic characters, Xan Kriegor being the most (in)famous one. However they look more robotics than anything else :

    Note that I'm saying this just to help you doing something unique, and avoid making something that would looks rehashed. And be sure it's well integrated in the universe.


      Thanx Darkloser! Don't worry, I was using the Nightmares as a base, in the old description they were experiments. I think when I get it hashed out I will just go ahead and create these in 3D. My problem was I was looking for some sort of go ahead or something. I figure I can make a male and female base, then add different heads like the characters are set up now. Bah_Mee
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