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    [PROTOTYPE] Ironguard - Lauren - Gooba/TeriyakiStyle

    Gooba and I met at the Epic event and we decided to work on Lauren together. I hope the effort will produce a good look for Lauren and help to define the rest of the Iron Guard in the UT universe.

    I also hope to get a good draft of a modular armor system that could be used for other characters. This could have some effect on the marketplace and player customization in the future.

    In case you didn't know this is Laurens basic Back story:

    Lauren was born to a poor asteroid mining family and built a reputation by eliminating her families competitors. She then went on to join the Iron Guard - the personal bodyguards of the arms smuggler and anti-oppression leader Jihan Nyhn. After Nyhns assassination the Iron Guard was left jobless and joined the Liandri Tournament. Lauren suspects the Liandri Mining Corporation was involved in Nynhs death and aims to infiltrate them from inside the tournament.

    Based on this we determined much of our initial direction and are looking at the toughness of MMA female fighters, along with her space mining and iron guard affiliations to inform our armor design decisions.

    Gooba will be doing most of the concept work - and I'll be putting forward my own sketches and notes about rigging/modular requirements.

    I'll be doing the modelling also - picking up what I can - like making the base mesh to sculpt on top of and moving forward as we find the final concept and get overall approval.

    We've started a Pinterest Board and are collecting inspirational images for Lauren and the Iron Guard. - If you have images you like for Lauren please share and we can add them to the board.

    Here's a mashup of images from that Pinterest board. Again our basic direction is "MMA fighter/Asteroid Miner/Bodyguard"

    Here's a Lauren Gooba sketched out a while back:

    Here's some initial study by me thinking about the base mesh and rigging/range of motion needed for animation. I had the thought of having a tech-suit you could add armor too so we'll see how that works out. (My notes are chaos please ignore haha)

    Going to get some more sketches from Gooba soon - then determine more things like color palette for Iron Guard - Shape language - Female base mesh - Armor piece breakout - etc. etc.

    I'll be working and posting the female basemesh - and some head sculpts for Lauren while we develop the armor.

    Let's have fun and get to it!

    I'm anxious to see the result!


      How about this Lauren? From OMNIETY OMEGA. Would be cool if the exterior Lauren is like a girl in a black sports underwear, that on your picture
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        ^^ Too much accessory clutter, draping fabric and flapping armor pieces on top of each other that puts it away from UT (not UT3..) and general essence of scifi. Good execution though. But what about that guys work;

        His works really have potential to fit in new UT visual language:

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          For some reason I no work like. They seemed to be of fiction 90th came. I do not know, just do not like. But this is only my personal opinion. Maybe if they add more details ... And look at theirs to 3D models.

          Do Aberiu very beautiful style. He was able to combine the appearance of the characters UT 2004 with the possibilities of the new engine. These characters I would like to see in the new from. I wonder how Lauren Aberiu would draw?
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            I'm confused! more work coming guys - The designs you've posted don't really match my taste. Also rigging/animation would be a real bear with those designs unless you wanted lots of bendy metal armor. The silhouette read on both of them is also not very interesting. Stay tuned.

            I do like the Aberiu drawing - good quality and silhouette. And I like a lot of the elements there. Concept-wise there are a lot of unanswered questions as far as layering, plating, animation etc.

            Give us a chance to post some work before you go hog-wild on what we should and shouldn't be doing :P
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              Yes, do not say so. Meant concepts Axis_Zaibot.


                Can you guys edit your posts so it's just the link to the images and not the images being shown? Happy to take a look at them but I don't want the thread to get too flooded. Thx.

                Edit: Thanks!
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                  Originally posted by TeriyakiStyle View Post
                  Can you guys edit your posts so it's just the link to the images and not the images being shown? Happy to take a look at them but I don't want the thread to get too flooded. Thx.
                  done! yeah it's better to not hijack this thread by putting other guys artworks.


                    Well this should be an epic teamup.

                    One thing I really want to see in the default iron guard is a return of the silver metallic torso armor. It's essentially the defining feature the the UT99 team, and carried forward to 2004 even though the teams were more amalgams then. That said, I don't specifically want the simplicity of the ut99 design, but the material scheme helps sell the identity.

                    Its what I really like about Omnity's concept. The colorscheme and feel of it aids in team recognition. The weak point is that it is all medium frequency detail, so it becomes more visual mush from a distance.

                    RE: Armor Customization:
                    I'd love to hear what you're thinking. I've been planning the Skaarj with armor and accessories in mind. I've been mentally leaning toward something somewhere between UT3 and DOTA, where the armor is fairly granular, but the core character body is set. So Helmet swaps but no head swaps. Armor changes, but not complete torso changes.


                      Hey everyone!

                      I still have to do the back view, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.

                      This is a pretty close port from the original Lauren that I was working on, just polished up and changed some things from feedback. I am happy to explore other directions, just thought this was good place to start. I think the armor bits might be a little too generic, almost like motocross pads. I like the materials though, so might just try some different forms. I toughened her up a bit, tried to go for that MMA fighter tough chick look.

                      I will probably post a unarmored version soon too, mostly for TeriyakiStyle, but also so everyone can see how the armor pieces might attach and so on.


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                        Nice =P Even though you are going for a more serious / tough girl look for Lauren, I think it looks good but she MUST also look sexy like in UT3! This would also help so other characters might underestimate her for her looks, but in reality she's one of the best.


                          I really like this last Lauren. It looks cool and the style is canon. It wouldn't hurt to see her belly uncovered (as in ut99 and ut2k4), but overall it's perfect.


                            Badass. I think it's definitely heading in the right direction now. Only suggestions from me is to add the same style of armor to thighs and below the knees. Also you could try adding an enforcer holster on the hip. Maybe some other verions with team colors too.

                            My favourite part is the gloves. They "fit" her character really well..
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                              Love the vibe of the design! There are a lot of elements I think are perfect for her.
                              Was trying to figure out a way to best express this concept. So I hope this is clear.

                              This is the most basic rig that the UE4 tools provide and the in-game rig will likely be very similar. Basically what I'd like to get across is if you are able to design some of the plating around the rig it will help a lot with modelling/rigging/animation. So considering the shoulder you could certainly weight that to 2 bones - but you'd likely have some "bendy metal" which is something I'd really like to avoid. In a perfect world you'd weight every hard surface 100% to one bone and eliminate soft deformations.

                              Something else we can try is having a mechanical solution built into the design (like an accordion fold of metal over metal) then use morph targets to correct the deformation. Basically the arm would raise and the shoulder plate would compress mechanically under the clavicle plate. I say try because I'm not sure if it will work - but I'm learning more about the morph target stuff.

                              Other "tips" I'd advise is to take the belt and put it on the top layer of everything - that way I can bind that nearly 100% to the pelvis bone.

                              Don't feel you have to compromise the design to match the rig - we can rig pretty much anything. But for ease of use - and swapping modular parts - it'd be great to find those easy accommodations.
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