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    oh how cool, the most Monsters

    here also an lin

    Hey irridium77 , don't scare sly ! *lol*

    but we have the an krall, named Loki, can maybe used as Monster :

    Sun Kralls and CyberKrall

    Kaal979, we have now the new Technology and can let view like reality.. more alive ..
    i has wish me ever, to show at all more alive and not so pixieled ..
    in HD and let scared you like it shold be.. now we have the possibility to make it more alive and more scared .. maby an bit tuing for the old Monsters.. behemonth like something (the 3th head) :

    more alive and real..

    maybe the whole Monsters redesigned, more real and alive and not so "comic"-alike ?
    like it was in ut99.. we have now the possible for create and use more "real"-Unreal Monsters..
    so, why not make more alive-monsters

    maybe an Stone Titan in direction of this :

    eats stones,throwing stones and it's **** evil/f. nasty *g*

    best regards
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      Originally posted by Wail View Post
      This is a good take on the Manta, and I feel like your drawing style works well with the organic shapes here.
      What I would recommend though is try and take the Manta to another level. The side profile in particular is pretty boring. How can we make this more interesting?
      Another tack I might take is asking how the Manta works as an actual organism. The Manta has no legs at all, so I wonder how it rests and sleeps? Perhaps it has some air sacs that allow it to fly even while sleeping. Or perhaps Mantas rest on the surface of water when they are resting.
      Well I guess they lay on the ground and when they want to move they flap their wings to fly.


        Very nice effort Sly!
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          did sly drown in his cup of coffee? or did he flush himself down the toilet?
          Wheeeeeeereeee areeee uuuuu ???? ^^
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            If this wasn't linked to in this thread, then check this out:
            The new UT is coming along nicely...
            Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


              Originally posted by TKBS View Post
              Tentacle, slith, skaarj, gasbag - all available for UT3, could be ported or re-done.
              can you add a link please?
              The new UT is coming along nicely...
              Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


                Hi Sly. Hi Peoples.

                there, the screenshootet Animals/monsters so far for an well real/alive developing Monsters if you have not the Unreal1 by hand


                for all, who have no played Unreal1, this is an clue/guide for the well monsters for unreal ..

                many fun by Alien's creating

                best regards



                  what's going on , did you make some monsters ? *'m curious'

                  best regards