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UT Characters Team [ Concept arts & 3D Models ][Mactom27]

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    UT Characters Team [ Concept arts & 3D Models ][Mactom27]

    Hello guys,

    It's been a while since I wanted to create something for the ut universe again.
    The time has come it seems !

    Some of you knew me as "Mactom27" or "Zairaam".
    I did a few characters for the ut series.
    And at this time I was quite fond of the UT community.

    Well, I finally decided to join the crew ! And I would like to start by making 10 characters.
    I have already designed two of them. And for most of the team, I have already something in mind.
    But I am still open to suggestions.
    The first post of this thread will be updated every time I make some progress.

    So let's get down to business, here the current status of the characters :

    For this character pack, I want to go for variety. I was thinking of making : 2 Human being (Pantechno master and a female character), 2 Robots, 2 Aliens, 2 Abomination (Chaos Overlord and another monster) and 2 Mutants.
    Like everything, there will be changes and maybe tough decisions to be made. But most importantly, this will be fun !

    About the liandribots, if I have time I will release a free mod for the game.

    Last year I did some modding for Skyrim, but it was not as pleasant as for ut : Tribunal Robes

    Also if you are interested you can watch my Showreel.

    PS : I apologise for my rusty english.
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    And the progress on the Pantechno guy :

    Full concept

    HD model preview

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      Impressive! Not exactly sure the point of the vblack pill hovering over the guy's head.

      Issue is, I see lots of upper chest armor, but everything else is quite low on that armor, almost like a plated bodysuit. Could the armor thickness be more even throughout the body?
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      Change for the better, and you can't live without it.
      Having the will to embrace change is the real challenge.
      --Captain Crit


        Thanks !

        For the vblack pill, this character design is based on this universe :

        The bigger the pill, the badder these pantechno guys are !
        So it's a lore things. But since they are not from the ut universe, I'm not sure if I will keep it in the end.

        Well, first I will finish to model the legs of this character and we'll see if his armor needs more thickness.
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          remeber you xd bin a will
          like your xan models alot
          welcome back
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            OMG, I'm so psyched that you finally made it! I posted THIS thread early on, hoping you would join in. Thanks for working on the new UT!

            (For people not familiar with Veyratom/MacTom, UT4 just got a massive talent boost!)
            Unreal UT4 Maps: DM-Maelstrom DM-SpaceNoxx


              Really like the black and red.


                Thanks guys,I will do my best.

                Sorry I wanted to finish the legs this weekend, unfortunately I have too much work right now.
                Next update for Pantechno dude should be next week !

                At the same time, I am improving the meshes and textures for the Liandribots.
                I want to give them a better silhouette and mesh flow :

                Xeltan WIP

                Also the Liandribots are the first characters I will test in game.
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                  I finally got a moment to work on this guy.
                  I will try to finish the HD model next week.
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                    I have to say that the latest Pantechno guy preview is an improvement. It reminds me of Judge Dredd for some reason and I am liking it. Good work.
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                      Originally posted by Veyratom View Post
                      This has a kind of "Samurai Xan" appearance. Or, we could call him, "Xamurai."
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                        Hey I recognize that second guy.

                        You may be interested in knowing that Chaos is making a comeback and we need a character modeler/concept artist.

                        Mike :aka: thatscrawnykid
                        Artist for Chaos: UT


                          Chaos is everywhere it seems !
                          Nice choice of second model. Mighty handsome fella
                          Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


                            Yea i got the dredd feel and also the incredibles. Keep up the good work!!

                            I would personally like to see a character on skates or on a board.
                            Loving the xan samurai. I like gold and also gladiators! From the roman era so cool to mix the old and new designs


                              Originally posted by Crotale View Post
                              This has a kind of "Samurai Xan" appearance. Or, we could call him, "Xamurai."
                              yea man, look's cool !

                              give him an weapon for a hunt.. .. but he don't need an weapon, this mashin, it's an Klillerweapon..

                              looks' greate

                              best regards