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    Originally posted by Darkloser View Post
    Well, the info about the Necris are generally vague, and the rare things we got (beetwen the different games) were at best unrelated, at worst contradictory. Everyone possess it's own opinion about what the Necris "might" be. The only thing we can do is just design our own ideas and see if they please or not...
    But I actually have no skill in designing (I'm just an unworthy Unreal fan) so you'll probably do better in that regard.

    Personally I try to avoid excluding any of the game (even if I clearly less appreciated some of them), and to find a common ground (which I'll probably never find ).

    Honestly, even if the graphics in UT 99 were limited, the characters were rather expressive, contrary to UT 2k4 (were they all had the same "no fun allowed" face, apart from a few exceptions).

    Honestly I think the Phayders don't have the same interest as the other companies. But we ignore what are their plans, so I can't say much about it, only speculate.

    Yes, we already see part of their plans. And we respond to them. The official Necris look like **** on UT4. Cyborg parts on them and big nails? Are you serious?


      I think the claw like nails should be gone and some of the cybernetic parts toned down a bit.


        I actually like how they made them in terms of style.

        And those are just the first two! A lot of Necris characters are going to be added, with a lot of variety...

        EDIT: I also like Freylise from Xenomon and Aberiu, too.
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